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Website landing pages and forms

What is it and how does it help me?

Easy to create

Our drag and drop editor makes page and form creation a breeze.


Personalise and Persona-lise® form configurations, so every customer receives a completely unique experience.



Use our own landing pages, or drop dynamic content into your own webpages.

Website landing pages and forms

Landing Pages

A great landing page is a wonderful thing.

Like a run-of-the-mill webpage with tunnel vision, its clarity of purpose is a joy to behold. Your visitors WILL complete your online form, they WILL download your latest Whitepaper, and you WILL capture that new lead. It is your destiny.

Well, that’s the theory anyway. The reality is, of course, a little different. Creating a good landing page (one that persuades your customers to complete the action you want them to) is more art than science, or it was until now.

Kulea’s real-time personalisation ensures that every email click leads to a personalised landing page experience that increases conversion rates by an average of 20%.  Anything less is just bad manners!

Form builder

Looking to capture new lead data?

That’s fine, we’ve got an easy to use form builder that drops your customer’s data straight into your CRM. We also progressively profile your customer, so you’ll never find yourself asking them for information that you already have (Don’t you just hate that?)

Once you’ve created your landing page, you can host it on your custom Kulea domain,  point it at your own domain, or drop it directly into your website to create beautiful personal experiences across your digital portfolio, without having to redevelop your website.

You see. Cracked it!

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