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Website landing pages and forms

What is it and how does it help me?

Landing Pages

A great landing page is a wonderful thing.

Like a run-of-the-mill webpage with tunnel vision, its clarity of purpose is a joy to behold. Your visitors WILL complete your online form, they WILL download your latest Whitepaper, and you WILL capture that new lead. It is your destiny.

Well, that’s the theory anyway. The reality is, of course, a little different. Creating a good landing page (one that persuades your customers to complete the action you want them to) is more art than science, or it was until now.

Kulea’s real-time personalisation ensures that every email click leads to a personalised landing page experience that increases conversion rates by an average of 20%.  Anything less is just bad manners!

Easy to create

Our drag and drop editor makes page and form creation a breeze – no coding required.


Personalise and Persona-lise® landing page block, web content and form configurations, so every customer receives a completely unique experience.


Use our own landing pages, or drop dynamic content into your own webpages, and integrate customer’s web behaviours into our native journey planner to automate responses

Website landing pages and forms

Form builder

Looking to capture new lead data?

That’s fine, we’ve got an easy to use form builder that drops your customer’s data straight into your CRM. We also progressively profile your customer, so you’ll never find yourself asking them for information that you already have (Don’t you just hate that?)

Once you’ve created your landing page, you can host it on your custom Kulea domain,  point it at your own domain, or drop it directly into your website to create beautiful personal experiences across your digital portfolio, without having to redevelop your website.

Landing pages

Every subscription includes
Visual landing page editor

Enabling you to quickly build and preview beautiful responsive pages in real time, without touching a line of code

Personalise and Persona-lise™ your lead’s online experiences

Use dynamic persona blocks to serve unique images and content to each page visitor

Header and footer script customisation

For easy integration with Google Analytics, Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin pixels and application of custom CSS

Native journey planner integration

Track on page actions, such as link clicks and form submissions, and build them into advanced automation sequences

YouTube/Vimeo video and third party web content integration

Create content rich, interactive web experiences without getting your developers involved

Responsive templates

No need to start from scratch. Kulea’s template gallery gives you endless possibilities to choose from

Instant duplication

Build your first landing page, and then simply click to duplicate and amend unlimited varients in seconds

Forms and CTAs

Every subscription includes
Visual form builder

Forms don’t need to be complex – build yours in minutes, without touching a line of code

Unlimited custom fields

Ask questions about anything you like

Auto response thank you emails and flexible redirect rules

Ensuring every form completion is responded to instantly, creating more opportunity to convert sales

Optional single or double opt in for newsletter sign ups

Single opt-in will win you more marketing contacts, but double opt in will win you better quality marketing contacts.  You choose, with our custom opt in interface and white label confirmation pages

Custom CSS overides

So your form seamlessly matches your website’s branding

Hidden fields

 That enable you to enrich key data behind the scenes

Form completion automations

That connect directly to your Kulea journey planner, creating entire nurturing sequences off the back of a single form completion

Easy CMS integration

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla… we’ve not found a CMS yet that Kulea’s 100% responsive web forms can’t integrate with in minutes

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