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kulea.ma is the ONLY email marketing automation platform that integrates automatically with your Vincere CRM

Discover a game-changing synergy between email marketing automation and CRM. Kulea.ma proudly introduces a transformative fusion with Vincere CRM, offering unparalleled efficiency, security, and personalisation in your email marketing strategy. Elevate your outreach efforts and embrace seamless client and candidate journeys towards success with Kulea.ma’s exclusive Vincere integration.

Unleash Your Potential with Kulea.ma’s Seamless Vincere Integration

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The Kulea platform is easy to use and makes campaign sending a joy. The automatic population of our latest client and candidate data from Vinnny saves me hours every week.

Emma Milward

Support Team Coordinator, Cavendish Maine

Elevate Your Email Marketing with Kulea.ma


Rest easy knowing that all integration work is handled by Team Kulea. Our experts ensure a smooth, efficient, and hassle-free integration experience tailored to your needs.

Join the ranks of staffing and recruitment industry leaders leveraging Kulea.ma’s Vincere integration to supercharge their communication strategy. Step into a world where efficiency, security, and personalisation converge. Embrace the future of email marketing automation—embrace Kulea.ma.

Ready to unlock the potential?

1. Exclusive Integration with Vincere

Kulea.ma proudly stands as the ONLY email marketing automation platform with a fully automated synchronisation to the Vincere CRM. Say goodbye to tedious manual data transfers; our integration does it all effortlessly.

2. Cleanse and Enrich Your Data Effortlessly

Our ETL connector isn’t just about pulling data from Vincere. It offers a unique opportunity to cleanse and enrich your data as it flows through our pipeline. Transform your information into a data powerhouse.

3. Tailored Integrations for Your Unique Needs

We understand that each business is unique. That’s why every integration is customised to meet your individual requirements. Access and transfer rich client and candidate data seamlessly, empowering your marketing efforts.

4. Security and Efficiency Combined

Kulea.ma’s integration mitigates the risk of data theft or loss by eliminating the need for manual importing/exporting of data between Vincere and Kulea. New contacts are automatically added every night, ensuring data is always up-to-date and secure.

5. Unlock Unprecedented Time Savings

Save time, the most precious resource in business. With Kulea.ma’s Vincere integration, what used to take hours can now be achieved, literally, whilst you sleep. Focus on what matters while we take care of the integration work.

6. Seamless Filtering and Targeting

Effortlessly filter and target clients and candidates with precision personalisation. Whether it’s bulk emails, automated sequences, or tailored drop emails, Kulea.ma’s integration enables a seamless experience.

We’re a long time user of Kulea, and I can confidently say the team there really know their stuff.  Not only have they built a powerful two way integration between Kulea and our Vinny account that helps us automate and streamline our marketing comms; they even identified issues with our CMS to Vincere integration and advised our web development agency (who built the integration) on how to fix the problem!

Ewan Anderson

Associate Marketing Director and Vice-Chair Communications CIM Scotland, Eden Scott

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Eden Scott

Eden Scott

Case Study: Enhancing Vincere’s functioanlity with a seamless and secure Kulea connection

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