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Following on from the excitement of becoming one of the Top 20 Highest Rated Marketing Automation Software in 2018 on G2 Crowd, we quickly realised that our thunder was soon to be stolen by that Santa guy, and you were all going to go home for Christmas…

So who rocks yule time better, Santa or Kulea? Who are you going to rely on this Christmas and into 2019?


In the RED corner = Santa Claus, weighing in at 50,000 pounds (he needs 8 reindeer to drag him around the sky, after all!)

In the BLUE corner = Kulea MA, starting from 149 pounds, we employ a hard working and diverse team rather than championing animal cruelty!



Well, has anyone ever actually got a letter back from Santa? You spend your entire childhood writing to the guy and he doesn’t have the decency to respond? You don’t even know if he opened it?!

Where is his direct dial? If you’re not happy with his service, who exactly do you reach out to?


So, firstly anyone using marketing automation can see who has opened their mail and even set up automated responses so your prospects and customers feel loved, even when you’re not there… that’s an instant win for marketing automation

And here at Kulea we pride ourselves on our ability to resolve queries quickly and efficiently:

“The support that you get from Kulea cannot be faulted and they are always on hand to answer questions or guide you through a specific task.”

Lewis Butcher, Upfront BD.



The big man wins hands down on this one, dammit!  He’s got the youth vote wrapped up!

But are you seriously happy with some old guy creeping into your kids rooms to bribe them with presents for popularity?

Didn’t think so.


First of all, we stay out of your kids bedrooms!

Secondly, we don’t have to buy our love, we earn it! 2019 is set to be a very exciting year for Kulea where we hope to welcome more wonderful customers into our family and win together!

“The Kulea team go out of their way to make sure we get the most out of Kulea, but also have a successful and enjoyable working relationship. How often can you say that? That you actually enjoy working with a supplier? It really is a breath of fresh air.”
Tim Jubb, Airsweb




Hmmmm, we can’t knock the guy here. He manages to get around the entire world in 24 hours. It does take him 364 days to prepare though, but that’s still quicker than implementing Eloqua! (we jest Oracle, please don’t sue, it’s Christmas!)


You can start seeing results immediately with Kulea, and with our dedicated customer success team, we will get you up and running in no time – for the whole year, not just for Christmas.

“With the hands-on support you receive from Kulea’s customer success team, plus how easy the tool is to use, I’ve been on-boarded and sent out my first, very complex, campaign within days!”
Catherine Henderson, EMR Recruitment



Well Santa will only give you presents if you’ve been nice, to his standards! If you haven’t, he gives you the most un-environmentally friendly gift imaginable – a piece of coal! So he wants to see you suffer AND kill our planet?


Kulea doesn’t judge you on whether you have brushed your teeth or washed the dishes. We don’t judge you at all! We just help you be the best marketer you can be…but you better do your homework set by our Customer Success team!

“From the very outset, Kulea have been extremely friendly and professional! I’ve built great relationships with my contacts and feel very valued and supported as a client.”

Helen Mole, The RedThread



Santa has been rocking the same style for a few decades now, all he seems to have done is change his suit from green to red after an endorsement from Coca-Cola (sell out)

He’s stuck in the past and refuses to adapt to modern technology.


So, we look hot all year round, and manage to change our outfit every day!

We constantly update our Kulea platform to make sure you have the most cutting-edge software at your fingertips.

We listen to our customer feedback and use it to create the best experience as we can:

“They are regularly releasing updates which are pushed straight into customer systems….They listen to feedback and move fast on suggestions.”
Tim Jubb, Airsweb

In conclusion…

Kulea wins!!

Written by us, about us, of course we’re going to be biased! That aside, the quotes within this article are 100% authentic reviews from our amazing customers.

Thank you all for your support and trust in 2018, have a great Christmas, give Santa a mince pie and we’ll see you in 2019 to make more Marketing automation magic happen!



Kulea x

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