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As the wheels of this new decade begin turning, we thought it would be fun (and educational) to look back at our top 10 articles of all time (based on page visits)

Martech continues to grow at a rapid pace, however the core fundamentals of good, effective marketing remain…so join us on this journey of re-discovery, and let us know if you think we’ve missed any!


Value added

1) The Secrets Behind Value-Adding Marketing

What is it, how can marketing automation help? There’s a principle in the Kulea office that we relentlessly promote to our clients, shout from the rooftops and sprinkle liberally on our fries. Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s the ‘BigMac special sauce’ that marketers should all be employing…

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2) WTF is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is an ambiguous and somewhat confusing term that means different things to different people. In essence, it is the technology that can both automate and personalise your marketing communications at scale to suit the needs of modern consumers…

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3) How colour affects your perception of brands

Colour has been used in art forms for over 40,000 years for the purpose of communicating non-verbally.  Modern day colour may not hold the same significance as Palaeolithic cave paintings, however, you’d be wrong to assume that colour is no longer used to suggest and reinforce emotions which play on our unsuspecting subconscious…

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5 reasons

4) Five reasons why your marketing automation sucks!

Marketing automation is designed to make your life easier and, well, automated! However, your tools needs to be set-up in the best way for your business for it to reach it’s full potential…

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5) 3 top tips for writing kick ass marketing emails (that you’ve probably never considered)

In a world of ever-increasing complexity, with swathes of up and coming digital channels all vying for your attention, why is it that good old-fashioned email is still the most popular channel amongst successful digital marketers?..

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6) Marketing automation is your missing link between sales and marketing

Your sales and marketing team are the two most important drivers to increased revenue. If one isn’t working effectively, the other one will suffer. But how often do your sales and marketing team meet up and ‘chew the company fat’, so to speak? If they’ve got a good relationship already then great! MA is going to seriously enhance this!

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7) ‘how to punch a shark in the face’ and other awesome subject lines…

I’m sure our heading got just a teeny bit more of your attention that the mundane ‘buy my stuff’ ‘here’s another newsletter’ subject lines you’re used to scrolling past? So, with that in mind, here are our top 5 tips to creating catchy subject lines for your next campaign…

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8) The no crap guide to cold emailing

We all know that a spammy approach to cold emails just doesn’t cut it. We’ve received enough spam in the past to know this, and most of us have bowed, on occasions, to pressure from above, and tried in vain to send them, with only poor engagement and the occasional angry response to show for it…So why are we writing this guide? Because cold email campaigns CAN work, if they are done in the right way (Yippee!)…

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9) Creating a killer content campaign – seven step guide

So, you’re ready to engage at a deeper level with your clients, customers and prospects.  Great stuff. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve launched thousands of campaigns here at Kulea HQ and the successful ones always have the same structure in place…

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10) 10 CTA mistakes to avoid

Your CTA is extremely powerful, get it wrong and you risk losing lots of potential leads. Check out our 10 mistakes to avoid not getting the most out of yours!..

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