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It didn’t take the Kulea team long at all to think of their favourite Martech influencers!

After much discussion, we have whittled the long list down to our top 10. They represent the cream of the crop of the UK’s Martech talent…


Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley 😎💻😎 💗 Kindness Enthusiast 💗


Self-professed “kindness enthusiast” (how can you not love that?), Sam has gone from being a digital marketing no name, through to the most influential digital marketer in the UK in just 15 months.  

Okay, we’ll admit there’s quite a bit of hype surrounding Sam, but there’s no doubting he knows his stuff and his focus on building relationships through social is refreshing; almost taking us back to a time when all business relationships were one to one.


Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland


The grandfather of UK advertising (he’ll hate us for saying that!) has risen through the ranks of Ogilvy and Mather over the past few decades to his current position of Vice Chairman of Ogilvy in the UK.  

Rory writes a fortnightly column for The Spectator, called “The Wiki Man“, which focuses on the growth of technology, behavioural economics, marketing (of course) plus a myriad of interconnecting ramblings. Add to the mix that he’s one hell of a public speaker (check out his TED talks) and a published author, and you have quite the influencer.  Not quite as prolific on Twitter as some of our other influencers, but when you have that kind of clout, I guess you don’t need to be.


Dr Dave Chaffey

Dr Dave Chaffey


Our very own Dr D, there’s nothing this man doesn’t know about digital marketing, and he’s only too happy to share, both through Smart Insights (the consultancy and content company he co-founded) or via his awesome lectures and show presentations (He’s also a guest lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, where our own CMO studied)

In between these spinning plates of education and inspiration he finds the time to throw in some very interesting reads! Check out his latest books on digital marketing, digital business and more at Amazon.


Tim Hughes 

Tim Hughes 提姆·休斯


If you want to know about #socialselling, Tim is the top guy to follow! A proud pioneer, innovator and speaker, Tim is quite the subject matter expert here.

Not only that, but he’s also Co-founder and CEO of the Digital Leadership Associates. The ‘social first’ management consultancy can provide education, structure and strategy to your business.



Jason Sibley

Jason Sibley


Jason is your one-stop-shop for all things Marketing, Sales, Digital and Social. There is literally no need to look anywhere else. A self professed lover of Saas and Tech, his blogs and tweets are frequent conversation starters in the Kulea household.

Not only that, but he’s based around the corner from us in Milton Keynes and he’s been known to drop around to Kulea HQ for the occasional coffee and catch up.

If you haven’t checked out his website, you should, for its beauty if nothing else! The colorful world of The Creation Agency is both hugely informative and inspiring.


Carlos Doughty

⚡️ Carlitos


All hail the prince of Martech, Carlos Doughty!

He founded the MarTech Alliance, which sounds like it should be Spartacus geek army, and, actually is just as legendary…they have a mother freaking Martech festival people! AND A BOOK CLUB.. we are #fans.

Don’t miss their UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic either… It is sexy (and we’re not just saying that because we’re in it!)


Nando De Freitas

Nando de Freitas


A true expert in his field, ladies and gentlemen, Professor Nando de Freitas. {applause}

If you think you know about machine learning, you need to sit back down and listen to this guy!

A professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Oxfords Linacre College, his knowledge of all things AI & ML is outstanding.


Ashley Friedlein

Ashley Friedlein


‘Private professional networking for the digital age’? Yes please Ashley Friedlein!

Ashley is CEO and founder of Guild which is the modern professionals answer to WhatsApp. You can build relationships, trust and engagement on-the-go with this sleek, attractive app. Yes of course it’s GDPR compliant.

Ashley was also one of the original founders of eConsultancy, who launched many a fledgeling marketing career with their in-depth library of best practise and training.


Paul Thomas 

Paul Thomas


It would be an absolute Martech travesty if we didn’t give a shout out to our main man Paul Thomas! Founder and MD of Lead Forensics, this marketing powerhouse is definitely one to follow and learn from.

What we love most (apart from the awesome tool itself), is the Lead Forensics Foundation! They are big believers in giving back and have been raising money for UK charity, Building Schools for Africa, since 2010.


Mike Housley


Mikes Linkedin profile describes him as ‘an experienced serial entrepreneur and marketing professional’ and by jove he is exactly that! 

He’s the founder of the Cancer Research Big 60, as well as Founder and Executive Director of Cyance (big data predictive analytics). He’s also nabbed countless awards in the marketing world and is always good for a fun night out.

The man’s resume is endless!

This list is completely subjective, we would love to hear your thoughts and your own nominations!

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