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Marketing automation for the tech and software industry

God we love tech – but does it always have to be so… technical?

As a fellow techie, we’ve no doubt you regularly have your own software challenges to deal with, so the last thing you need is your marketing automation solution creating another one.

Worry not. Kulea does away with the complexity of first-generation marketing automation platforms, giving you an intuitive, user friendly, and dare we say it… fun, experience that frees up your time to focus on developing and selling your solution.

Kulea is trusted by businesses like you.

“Performance is impressive – 6,000 events per second is higher than some dedicated real time solutions I’ve worked with. Interface look and feel is great… what I have seen is better than many B2C solutions out there at the moment.”

Alex Holt, Marketing Technologist 

“Having used and tested many Marketing Automation pieces of software I can safely say that Kulea is by far the easiest and best.”

Nigel Apperley, CEO  TRUSTist

With an ethos on integration over monopolisation, we play nicely with third-party apps through our Java/REST APIs and Zapier integration; connecting the dots to give you a best of breed marketing technology stack that won’t break the bank.



Kulea nurtures your leads with personalised, automated communications that deliver 20% higher transaction rates on average than non-personalised digital experiences


Automated emails average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click through rates than ‘business as usual emails’


Prospects are 7x more likely to buy if responded to within an hour. 63% of businesses don’t, but Kulea does.
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Whats your problem?

Your business is unique, but the challenges you face aren't.

In today's tough economic climate, saving time and money, generating more sales, and keeping your customers happy are challenges that face us all.

Marketing automation helps you meet those challenges head on, so what's holding you back?