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Email marketing is a well-known and well-practiced marketing technique, yet still it seems that many people are doing it just plain wrong. With our how-to guide on email marketing, you’ll be able to boost your open rates and enjoy a better ROI. 

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What’s in the guide?

  • learn how to evolve your email efforts marketing to the next level
  • improve your open and click through rates
  • avoid the pitfalls of bad practice

Get out of the junk box, and into the inbox, with our helpful guide.  Download for free today.

What our clients are saying

Kulea is so easy to use. I can walk into a meeting with a business department, float a campaign idea to them, and within an hour of the meeting ending I’m sending working test campaigns to directors’ inboxes.

Alastair Byers

Digital Marketing Manager, Wates Construction

Kulea and Co have lived up to expectations and made what would otherwise be a very daunting process into one that is almost enjoyable!

Elliot Hoyle

Business support, Laurence Simons Legal Recruitment

The email creator is so easy to use. You can create fantastic looking campaigns and simple but powerful automation journeys with just a few clicks.

Melanie Parker,

Director, Stream Comms


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