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Marketing automation software for the recruitment industry

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Recruiters are experts at forging one to one relationships with their clients and candidates, but one to one relationships are impossible to maintain at scale.  That’s why smart recruiters have turned to Kulea’s recruitment software to personalise and automate every step of their candidate attraction process.

Kulea’s powerful, flexible, yet surprisingly easy to use marketing automation capabilities have enabled our recruitment clients to halve their candidate placement cycles and triple their placement rates.

Kulea’s recruitment software is trusted by recruiters like you.

Of course, increasing efficiencies, cutting down on manual processes and automating communications can only be a good thing, but Kulea goes way beyond standard CRM automations, allowing recruiters to:


… when candidates engage with digital assets such as job postings, email clicks, or landing page views and automate personal responses


… your consultants in real time about where, when and how candidates are at their most engaged



… follow up journeys to bring lost candidates back into the fold



“DMJ has been using Kulea for nearly 5 months now and we have not only been impressed with how it lets us take more control of our advertising and responses, but also the ease of use.

They are quick to respond to queries and are very helpful when needed, however, the system is so very user-friendly this is rarely required.

So far we have had a 100% successful fill rate with clients who have purchased Kulea marketing through DMJ. We have also noted a 4-6 day reduction in the time to produce a shortlist, a direct result of DMJ being able to track and contact candidates interacting with a job’s microsite.

In short, we are very impressed!”

Rory Strong

Associate Director, DMJ Executive Search

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Question and answer session with DMJ Recruitment’s Zinzan Clements

Question and answer session with DMJ Recruitment’s Zinzan Clements

Recruitment isn’t always an industry known for setting the pace when it comes to technology adoption, which is a shame, as when it comes to marketing automation, the benefits to consultants are clear.  Recruiters live and die by the quality of the relationships they form with clients and candidates, and nothing builds relationships faster, or allows recruiters to scale those relationships more efficiently, than a high performing marketing automation platform. 

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