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When it comes to moving from A to B, Usain Bolt is arguably pretty quick.


When it comes to making the perfect cuppa the guys at PG Tips are a pretty reliable source of information.

What’s that got to do with Marketing Automation?


Well, my spot here at Kulea is about 200 metres from the kitchen, where I’d make a cup of tea, if I wasn’t a coffee guy.


Usain Bolt, set a world record of 9.58 seconds back in 2009 for the 100m sprint, so, some quick maths would argue Usain would get from my spot to the kettle and back in 19.16 seconds approximately, give or take the odd turn in the corridor.


The PG Tips lot recommend 3 mins of brewing. Factor in the kettle in the kitchen boils in 90 seconds, that would mean, Usain would have a cup of tea on my desk within 4 mins and 49.16 seconds.


Whilst Usain was happy to take on the challenge, as I mentioned, I don’t drink tea, so I thought what else can you do in under 5 minutes …


I know (not that – and shame on you for even thinking it!)…


I can demonstrate how with Kulea you can:

  1. Automate an email campaign to existing candidates
  2. Tailor the content based on the similarities and differences of those recipients
  3. Nurture those candidates, with automated communications based on their engagement levels
  4. Track engagement, score and prioritise, then set alerts based on engagement thresholds


Don’t believe I can do it? Check out the below…



*The demo is from the perspective of a Recruitment firm, so if you’d like to discuss how this can be translated for your business requirements and/or industry, Just ask the question,
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