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Kulea.ma’s BDaaS Accelerates Nexum3’s Success in the i-Gaming Space

Nexum3, a pioneering start-up, founded by Jan Yalcinkaya and Travis Andrews (former Twilio/Salesforce), entered the i-gaming space with a mission to revolutionise programmatic advertising for the industry. As programmatic advertising experts, Nexum3 aimed to help i-gaming brands expand their audience of players using cutting edge technology.

Recognising the value Kulea.ma could bring to their venture, Jan, a former Kulea client when he worked agency-side, sought our expertise to ensure a successful launch and global presence for Nexum3.


Client Name: Nexum3
Date: May 2022 – present
Website: Nexum3.com


Nexum3 aimed to establish itself as a significant player in the i-gaming space, leveraging tech partnerships and its founder’s expertise, they sought to secure major deals with prominent i-gaming brands, raise brand awareness globally, and accelerate business growth through a targeted and efficient lead generation strategy.


Our solution

Recognising the potential of Nexum3 and the founders’ dedication to transforming the i-gaming space, Kulea.ma developed a customised Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) strategy to drive remarkable results.

Leveraging our vast expertise in lead generation and nurturing, Kulea.ma devised a data-driven approach to identify and engage the right prospects within the i-gaming industry, focussing on hard to reach, but vital I-gaming havens such as Malta, Bulgaria and Gibraltar.


BDaaS services provided

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) definition
  • Outreach email writing
  • Prospecting and data cleansing
  • Email outreach automation
  • Dedicated inbox/diary management
  • Appointment setting
  • Cross platform integration with Hubspot CRM



“Kulea.ma’s expertise in lead generation and business development was instrumental in our journey. Their tailored approach enabled us to reach top-tier i-gaming brands globally and secure significant meetings. We are delighted with the results and confident that Kulea.ma’s support will continue to drive our growth in this competitive industry.”

Travis Andrews

Co-founder, Nexum3

The Results

Lead gen is a numbers game – so what do the numbers look like in the first three months after go-live?

Major Q1 Deal secured

Kulea’s efforts resulted in Nexum3 signing their first major deal with a prominent i-gaming brand and subsidiary of a multi-billion pound parent company, within 3 months of campaign launch. This landmark deal set the stage for further success.

Global presence

Nexum3 swiftly gained a global presence, with meetings booked with some of the world’s largest i-gaming brands across four continents. 

High Volume of Meetings

The lead generation campaign spearheaded by Kulea.ma averaged 2x new meetings per week, providing Nexum3 with a consistent flow of opportunities to showcase their offerings to potential clients.

Impressive Response Rates

In the last month alone, Nexum3 achieved a 12.75% response rate from their targeted outreach. Additionally, they achieved a notable 4.25% positive response rate, indicating strong interest from prospects.

Having worked with Kulea.ma previously when I was on the agency side, I knew they were the perfect partner for our start-up, Nexum3. Their understanding of our industry, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our success have been nothing short of exceptional. Thanks to Kulea.ma, we have been able to establish ourselves as a leading player in the i-gaming space in record time. We look forward to further accomplishments together.

Jan Yalcinkaya,

Co-founder, Nexum3

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