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Poor Contact Database Quality

Names and email addresses scribbled down in biro on the back of beer mats, business cards lying long forgotten in sales team's pockets, or worse, within impenetrable little black books. And let's not forget the wealth of customer data stored on Excel spreadsheets scattered far and wide across the business.  Sound familiar?

Poor quality, or "hidden" data is the bane of company's lives.  It stifles sales, and creates blindness to your customers needs.  Fortunately for you, not only does Kulea have a "Saleforce light" style CRM built in, where you can upload all your current customer data, but we also supplement your current CRM data with behavioural insight, even going as far as to build your sales lists for you, through the use of our custom forms and landing pages.

So, even if you're starting from scratch, you'll have a quality database of scored and sales ready leads in no time.

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