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Lack Of Skilled Employees

Here's the thing - the fact that your staff don't know how to use marketing automation technology isn't a poor reflection on them, it's a poor reflection on marketing automation technology.

Seriously - what's going on? It's like the software's been built by developers with PhD's in advanced cybernetic engineering, who've never had to use it.

Well, we say enough is enough - Kulea.ma is designed by marketers for marketers, and you don't need a specialist team of highly trained digital gurus to be able to use it.  In fact, if you can use MailChimp, then you can use Kulea, and if you can't, then we have a treasure-trove of advice, guides, video tutorials and helpful hints on our knowledge base to help you find your way.

So, whether you've a PhD in advanced cybernetic engineering (probably not), a marketer trying to better understand your customers, or simply a small busines owner trying to make the world a better place, Kulea's the tool for you.


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