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Lack Of Content

Alas, we can't claim that Kulea.ma writes all your website and email content for you - we're good, but we're not that good.  But what we can do is make your content work harder, for longer, and with better results.

So, how does that work?

Do you remember the last time you sent out an email marketing campaign?  Chances are you wrote an intro, then did a bit of sales pitch about this product, or that service, maybe involving a promotion you're running (or if you're creative, maybe a small competition?), before signing off and wishing your customers a nice day.  

Yup - we read the same manual.

The problem is, 97% of your customers aren't interested in your product, your promotion, or even the chance to win a new iPad*.

We know.  That sucks right? Your products are awesome. What on earth were they thinking?  

Well, what they're actually thinking about is their stressful day job, the fact that their cat's sick, what they're going to have for dinner, and the kids birthday party they're planning for the weekend. Oh, and Game of Thrones.  Let's not forget Game of Thrones.

And guess what?  That 4 minute time slot last week when they actually were thinking about your product - well, you missed it.  Bad luck.

But this is where Kulea comes in.  You see, we don't communicate with your customers on your terms, we communicate with them on their terms.  

That powerfully persuasive product email you wrote?  We send it out to your customer twenty minutes after they've been looking at your product online, or five minutes after they've downloaded your price list!

That industry specific promotion you're running? We make sure it's only seen by visitors to your homepage that work in that industry, and no one else.

We make all your communication timely, relevant, and successful, with our fully automated marketing automation journeys, you never waste a sales opportunity again!

*Don't take it from us, that's based on MailChimp's average click through rate!


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