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Complexity Of Marketing Automation Solution

Like an Ikea self assembly furniture manual from the 80's, marketing automation software has a tendency to produce more problems than it solves.  We get it - marketing automation technology is inherently complex, but using it doesn't need to be!

We've sat around enough marketing automation round tables in our time to know that we're not alone in our frustration with marketing automation providers. Unfortunately, solutions have evolved over time, often involving the purchase of third party software, and as a result, tools lack consistency, continuity and clarity for their users.  

To ensure we didn't make the same mistakes, we built Kulea from the ground up, with a remit to keep it "so simple our Nan could use it".  We even have an office Nan that we test our software out on!  Thanks to Nan, Kulea is simple, intuitive, and dare we say, even fun?

You don't need a team of digital gurus to get Kulea up and running - in fact, if you can install Google Analytics, you can install Kulea, and within 24 hours of sending out your first campaign you'll see those hot leads trickling in. But don't take our word for it, sign up to a free trial below and see for yourself.


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