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What is it, how can marketing automation help?

There’s a principle in the Kulea office that we relentlessly promote to our clients, shout from the rooftops and sprinkle liberally on our fries. Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s the ‘BigMac special sauce’ that marketers the world over are missing out on.

What is it?

It’s Value-adding marketing, that’s what!

The core-principle is to give your customer something interesting that adds a high value without directly asking for a sale in return – with EVERY marketing touch point. It can be used within marketing automation in many magical ways.

It’s no great mystery within the marketing world that the old ways just aren’t working like they used too… brash, ad-heavy marketing has made the consumer numb and blind to the message, meaning its even harder to get your product or service seen, let alone bought.

This, coupled with an ever on-going growth of technology, has led to an inevitable shift in consumer behaviour. The demand for a personalised, relevant and timely marketing experience is growing.

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This is where value-adding marketing and marketing automation fit so harmoniously together, to increase consumer attraction, conversion and retention.


Value-adding marketing can attract a much more engaged pool of subscribers, ready to be nurtured to conversion! It is essentially dangling a juicy carrot of knowledge in return for a name and an email.

For example, a recruitment firm offers a whitepaper on ‘the highest earning jobs in the UK 2018!’ Anyone looking for a job or considering re-training would see this as gold dust, right?

That’s exactly the kind of communication you want to receive from your recruiter, who, incidentally, is right on hand to help you make that move.

What about marketing automation and attraction?

With Kulea marketing automation, you can go even further by using a Kulea form on your website as a gateway to providing that value This means that the customer’s information will go straight into your Kulea CRM, trigger relevant (value adding) nurturing journeys and alert the relevant colleague.



This is where the magic happens, now you have the name and email of your engaged subscriber, you can use value-added marketing to entice the lead to convert into that all-important sale. Popular value-adding emails could contain a 10% discount for this month only, free delivery on your first purchase, or helpful how-to tips on how to build a marketing strategy (first port of call – the Kulea blog!)

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And the marketing automation bit?

Use your marketing automation platform to enter your leads into an automated journey and nurture them to the point of conversion. Then use your MAP (Marketing Automation Platform) to monitor their behaviour, responding to them in real time with relevant marketing at just the right moment.

For example, you could simply use a form-fill as the trigger to a welcome offer email and a follow-up 7 days later with alternative messaging dependent on their response to the first email, or you can go deeper and really start to personalise their user experience…

When you use a Kulea form, we drop a little cookie on your subscriber’s computer, so now you can monitor their user behaviour around your site.

From this data you can use automated journeys to grow your subscriber’s lead score based on where and when they look, click or open… when the lead score reaches a pre-defined threshold, Kulea will alert your sales team to give them a call, or trigger a personalized and personalised email customised to their behaviour that addresses their pain points.

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It’s a classic marketing maxim that user acquisition costs 7 times more than customer retention. It’s, therefore, crucial to maximise on the opportunity your existing customers provide through cross-selling, up-selling, and re-selling.

Value-adding marketing helps you with retention, as once a customer has converted you have an opportunity to assist them with maximising the return on their investment. Provide helpful how-to guides, best practise information, and pick up the phone and help them with their product\service onboarding, providing an opportunity to convert your customer into a brand ambassador and win you even more prospects!

A great value-adding brand ambassador email might contain a referral discount ‘£20 off for you and a friend’, for instance.


How can marketing automation help?

The beauty of marketing automation is the automation part, saving you time and effort… your referral discount email could be set up to send out 1 week after a purchase, with another a week later ‘if the email is not opened’.

You can also use your marketing automation to listen and respond to the behaviour of the customer to trigger another personalised value-adding email when they look at the all-important pricing page 6 months after purchase! Or use lead scoring to catch a clients behaviour ‘cooling down’ or ‘hotting up’.

The possibilities are endless…

In summary, value-adding marketing provides a fantastic customer-first approach to your marketing strategy, and marketing automation is designed to make this process easy and relevant to that customer.

There are so many value-adding opportunities to use and so many uses for them within your marketing automation world, so what are you waiting for?

Start adding value today!

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