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Kulea are launching our Data Cleansing service this month, where our dedicated team will find and correct corrupt and inaccurate data from your database, as well as shape the way your data is formatted to make sure you get the best results from our marketing automation software.

But why do this?

The benefits go far beyond your marketing automation results, in fact, the efficiency of your entire business will be improved!

The cost of bad data

It’s a widely held maxim that it takes $1 per contact to prevent any bad data at the point of capture. These prevention methods include using automation like CRM, only purchasing prospect data from high-quality data providers, and creating a playbook to enforce standards.

To correct any mistakes made in the database, the cost rises to $10 per contact. From spending extra time to correct data formatting issues to verifying each contact’s accuracy, the correction cost includes all the costs associated with validating a dataset.

If you continue to use bad data, the cost increases to $100 per contact. This failure cost covers everything from all the wasted opportunities you lost to poor decision-making based on bad data.

What is data cleansing?

Data cleansing is the process of sifting through your database to find any errors, duplicates, misspellings, wrong emails etc, and correcting or deleting them, leaving you with nothing but real contact information to work from. Kulea goes that extra mile and shapes that database to be as effective in our software as possible, and we charge considerably less that $10 a contact!

What are the benefits of data cleansing?

  • Improve your acquisition and conversion – Your new clean and correct contact data will give you a much more efficient prospect list to work from. Your campaigns will reach more people, providing more accurate analytics by decreasing your bounce rates and increasing your open rates. Improving your overall acquisition as you grow your database with real contacts, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Streamline your marketing decisionsBy getting rid of duplicate data, you are going to need to input less records into any Martech subscriptions saving you money, providing more budget for other marketing avenues. And with your improved analytics and good data, you can better determine which marketing avenues are effective for your business.

  • Be more productiveWith your well maintained database, you can be sure that the marketing and sales teams are not wasting their time chasing out-of-date information to contact prospects and clients, making the best use of their valuable time.

  • Make more moneyImproved prospect acquisition rates, more accurate marketing campaigns, efficient sales teams contacting the right contacts is all going to lead to more sales. Keeping your database up-to-date is going to improve your cross selling and return business. A great way to increase revenue!

Whilst it is going to help you hugely to get your data cleansed, regular maintenance and better quality data input management and hygiene is where the benefits and profits will really grow.  Talk to us to learn more.

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