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Let’s be 100% transparent here.  The Inbox providers of this world; the likes of Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo, really aren’t big fans of bulk email sending.  Bulk emails look and smell too much like Spam emails, and it’s their life mission to ensure that spam rightly gets placed in the junk folder.

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So why do so many Email sales and marketing solutions continue to send out their emails in bulk?

Hubspot users are crying out for staggered email sending
Hubspot users are crying out for staggered email sending. Source. Hubspot community

What are staggered email campaigns?

The ability to define a custom sending schedule for your email campaigns is critical.

Rather than pushing out all your emails in bulk on a Monday morning, and getting your campaigns flagged as bulk sends , surely it makes sense to stagger your campaign sending schedule so that your emails get delivered over the course of a day, a week, or even a month?

Not only does staggering your campaigns increase deliverability, it also flattens the curve of follow up activity so that your New Business Team.

With staggered campaigns sales are able to spread the load when following up on clicks, page visits, and responses, rather than having to book out the whole day after a major campaign goes out!

To better serve our customers, we released our own staggered email campaign capability a few months back, and we’re now in the process of enhancing it even further so that staggered campaigns can be scheduled in advance. Feedback to date has been incredibly positive!

Kulea customer feedback on staggered email campaigns
Kulea customer feedback on staggered email campaigns. Posted with kind client permission

The staggered email campaign feature allows Kulea users to create their own custom campaign schedule, staggering campaigns over designated days/working days, to provide total control over how long the campaign sends for and the frequency of the send, and we’re even enhancing it further prior to Christmas to factor in holidays (just in time!).

From 5 email every hour, all the way up to 100 emails every five minutes – the choice is yours!

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