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Your sales and marketing team are the two most important drivers to increased revenue. If one isn’t working effectively, the other one will suffer.

But how often do your sales and marketing team meet up and ‘chew the company fat’, so to speak?

If they’ve got a good relationship already then great! MA is going to seriously enhance this!

However, Sales has been the backbone to my career and in all of the roles and companies I’ve worked in, I’ve never had a direct line of communication to the marketing team.

Until now… and marketing automation, good people, is the answer! This is what I now teach daily to our Kulea clients to help them bridge that gap between these two awesome machines of industry to get serious results!

Marketing automation is designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of both teams by automating previously time-consuming tasks and listening/responding to a lead’s behaviour to provide/influence a truer reflection of buying intent.

It’s all about communication

The key to success here is communication. Both your sales and marketing teams will know your customer in unique and useful ways.

The sales team will know what it takes to convert that lead to a sale, and what really turns them off. They will know what pain points they have in the first place, and will know what elements of your product/service can help them overcome it.

Your marketing team will know what’s hot and what’s not in your industry right now. They will know the latest trends in each of the verticals you are targeting; they know exactly what your customers will want to know about.

Where does MA come into it?

Marketing automation is present throughout. With the right communication between the teams, you can use marketing automation for lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing and then lead conversion and lead expansion (upselling, cross-selling and championing).

Let’s break this down further…

Lead generation:

Lead generation is quite a marketing-heavy exercise, but have you asked your sale team what trends they are seeing with their leads lately? It will give you a better understanding of where your prospects pain points lie, and what your most valuable features and benefits to push are.

You can also channel some of your TOF (top of the funnel) communication through your sales team to introduce that personal touch.

Use marketing automation to your advantage here…  why not send your database an automated plain text email from your sales consultants? Set up personalisation to give that edge over your competitor, and then sit back and analyse the data.

From there you can score your leads and nurture them!

Check out our top 10 Lead generation tips here!

Lead scoring:

This is where sales and marketing get all Stevie Wonder (Ebony and Ivory). You must work together in harmony to decide what actions a lead takes that suggest buyer intent.

This will really sort out the wheat from the chaff. The casual browsers to the hardcore fans… a simple view of your homepage may generate a score of 1, whereas a view of your contact page or a download of your pricing PDF would lead to a score of 10.  You should also include negative lead scores for actions, such as visiting your company jobs page, or an email unsubscribe.

From here you can decide what threshold to set. I.e. what score does a lead need to reach to be considered marketing qualified, and warrant a call from your sales team?

You can enter your entire lead score model into your marketing automation platform, set up personalised staff alerts when a lead score is reached, and sit back and watch the magic happen.

The top tip here is to make sure you are scoring both behavioural and geo-demographical actions to get a true reflection of sales-readiness. (What industry are they in, what position are they in the company, what pages have they looked at, how many of our emails do they open) etc.

Check out our guide to creating a lead scoring model here!

Lead nurturing:

So, you’ve scored those leads, and assigned the hot ones to sales, and now you want to nurture your top and middle of the funnel leads…

Like lead generation, the knowledge your sales and marketing teams hold will prove very powerful here!

Between both teams, you can create fantastic value-adding content based on real pain points, real market trends, and real educational and of interest subjects. Your company is a true subject matter expert in solving your customer’s challenges, and you will gain the trust and the interest of your leads by sharing this expertise – pushing them down that sales funnel!

Marketing automation makes this a much easier process; you can set up countless automations (see our top 7 automations that work) and automate alerts to your sales team using real-time behavioural insight, so your sales team contact leads at the prime time.

Download our free Lead Nurturing Guide here for an in-depth guide on best practice, automations and more!

So… it’s time to assemble your Avengers!

Bring your sales and marketing teams together with three main focus points: lead generation, scoring and nurturing. Then see the results!

Here is a checklist to get you going…

Lead generation
  • What are the sales trends right now, what’s interesting to the leads they are talking to?
  • What are the biggest pain points sales are hearing from the leads right now?
  • What are the biggest objections they are coming across?

Now you can tailor your content, lead magnets and CTA’s to draw in the crowd… see our top 10 tips here. 

Now you can use our Lead Scoring Guide to create and implement a Lead scoring model with your marketing automation platform. Then you can score your leads and give the sales-ready ones straight to sales.

Lead scoring

  • What constitutes a ‘sales ready’ lead?
  • What actions do sales think means a lead is interested/not interested?
  • What actions do the marketing team think means a lead is interested/not interested?
  • When do sales want to step in and call (what lead threshold)?

Now you can use our Lead Scoring Guide to create and implement a Lead scoring model with your marketing automation platform. Then you can score your leads and give the sales-ready ones straight to sales.

Lead nurturing

  • Regularly ask sales what is hot with their leads and prospects?
  • Are there any parts of your business that leads don’t understand?
  • What is hot in the industry right now?

Now you can create value adding, educational and interesting content to make your company stand out from the crowd. You’re not the pushy sales hungry company, you are a valuable source of information that your leads trust and will be more inclined to choose you when they make their next purchase.

Here’s the full guide (in case you missed it earlier :-p )

The great benefit of using marketing automation here is that you can track the lead behaviour, measure the results and amend your processes accordingly.

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