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I write this blog straight after having to unsubscribe from ANOTHER well-known brand that I did not actually want to unsubscribe from, but I can’t stand getting 3 emails a day trying to SELL TO ME.


Seriously, leave me alone! I’ve expressed interest now your bugging me like a hungry puppy!


Feeling like you’re being pressured into buying is the biggest turn-off ever, and I don’t know why more well-known brands haven’t cottoned on to the subtle art of gifting content freely to generate goodwill and reciprocity (and encourage me to consider them when I actually do need to buy their product!).


Now I have vented (thanks for sticking with me) here are two scenarios, which would you rather be on the receiving end of?


Let’s set the scene…


Dave visits Company C’s online store and samples their product. It was an instant, one use free trial. Dave is really happy with the product, out of everyone he has looked at, Company C is the best. Dave is not ready to commit just yet though, as he doesn’t have the funds or the regular need. But does like Company C’s ethos and doesn’t want to forget about them for the future purchase.


What does Company C do with this lead?


Scenario 1:


  • Bombard Dave immediately and frequently, demanding he buy now.
  • If he doesn’t buy it today, email him again at 9am the next day.
  • Then at 3pm email him again to warn him his 20% discount runs out tomorrow, so he better buy now or he’ll miss out on this super bargain.


Scenario 2:


  • Thank Dave for trialling your product & invite him to purchase the full product.
  • If he doesn’t do so in 1 week, then send him regular free ‘gifts’ of content to educate and entertain him on related subjects
  • Let Dave grow to love and trust your company so that when he is ready to purchase, you’re the first port of call.


In scenario 1, Dave may feel guilty for trialling your product and not immediately buying. Dave might feel embarrassed that he doesn’t have enough cash or need for your product right away. Dave may also feel that if he loses out on your 20% then having to pay full price suddenly feels like a punishment and your product is now not worth it.


Dave reluctantly unsubscribes from your emails because, although he likes your product, he doesn’t want to feel negative.


In scenario 2, Dave knows you are there for him when he’s ready to buy. In the weeks or months leading up to him being in a position to buy your product, you have taught Dave all he needs to know about this subject.


Dave looks forward to receiving your emails and you’re top of his list when it comes to making a full purchase. He is also more likely to purchase other products in your range because he trusts you.


You can of course use your marketing automation tools to action either scenario, but please choose carefully, as it will deeply affect your results *(and your relationship with your customers!)


If you are interested in providing value-added content then please check out our blog: The Secrets Behind Value-Adding Marketing


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