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I drive a (let’s be kind and call it vintage) car with a USB file full of music. When the radio is not to my taste, I switch over to this vast library stored in my machine.

I have recently found myself annoyed at the ‘USB Mode’ not selecting music that I like based on my listening habits like my Spotify does, and that I have to keep flicking through the songs like it’s still 2005 (whilst paying full attention to pedestrians and other road users, of course).

Now, I’m 31 years old. I thought I was old enough to see analogue as uber cool and appreciate a manually digital world, yet young enough to keep on top of the advances and NOT become reliant on them.

Oh how I was wrong. It’s happened… I now expect some level of automation or AI in my digital life and like a technical toddler; I throw my proverbial toys out my pram when they do not!

It got me thinking, what else do I rely on… and it’s quite a lot (spoiler alert, I’d now be rubbish marooned on a desert Island without my tech)


Using my bank card from my phone

Not having to carry around my bankcards has been incredibly freeing for me. I leave my handbag at home a lot now and put my keys and phone in my pocket. But if I run out of battery or the app fails when I need to pay for something then I’m going to be rather stuck eh?


Facial recognition on my phone

You know when you’ve just woken up, grab your phone to see if it’s safe to get up and its too dark for facial recognition? It is highly annoying when I have to press in my 6 digit code… I can safely say that I have become reliant, no?


Personalisation in emails

This one may be enhanced because of my job, but I know the technology exists and I am likely to ignore you if you ‘dear sir/madam’ me in a marketing email! (and what a madam I am!)


Email itself!

Yes! I think we can all safely say we are hooked? Emails have made communication around the world so much easier and quicker (and cleaner if you go back to the carrier pigeon). Ok, email may not come under the new ‘automation’ umbrella, but they are darn impressive (you can send a photo of your new cat across the world in milliseconds)  and I am 100% reliant on them.

… However, marketers, please can you STOP sending me irrelevant stuff when I don’t need it: If I’ve just bought a new bathroom, why to send me your latest discounts and offers on bathrooms, seriously – it’s not hard to listen to my online body language and send me relevant information (rant over)


All that said, what are my 5 desert island items then?

  1. A working helicopter
  2. Dave Grohl as the pilot (if he did actually learn to fly)
  3. A bottle of ice-cold Prosecco
  4. My fully charged iPhone
  5. Suncream







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