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The Marketer sat at his desk, looking longingly out of the office window at the happy night goers below.

His eyes heavy with the weight of the ever-growing to-do list in his mind, he felt as though he would never be able to finish his tasks and leave the office…





He then looked over at the Machine, happily working away at Emma and Steve’s desk.


Last week he shouted at the Machine to go away, he didn’t want the machine to come in and steal his job away from him, like he did to Emma and Steve.


When he looked back out the window, he saw Emma and Steve laughing and joking with friends! They did not seem so sad that they did not have a job anymore?


The Marketer got up to speak to the Machine.


“Why did you come in and steal the jobs from Emma and Steve, why are you so nasty?!” Scolded The Marketer.


The Machine looked up and replied “But I did not take the jobs from Emma and Steve, they ask me to complete their jobs for them. I help Emma and Steve leave the office on time and have fun.”


The Marketer was aghast, The little Machine was not out to take his job away, but to help him do his job better, so he could go and enjoy the outdoors.


Moral of the story?  Embrace technology to make your work life easier, then go outside and play with friends!

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