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Our Senior Commercial Manager, Andy Wright has worked with automation for the majority of his career. He recently wrote a guest article confessing his automation highs and lows…

80%+ of my LinkedIn connections will know me from working in automation. Whether we have spoken about:

  • automating workflows within the accounting world, allowing for more valuable conversations with clients.
  • automating data/document generation within your CRM, allowing for increased efficiency, accuracy and visibility of internal and external documentation.
  • automating communications within Marketing, enabling more engaging communications with clients/prospects boosting acquisition and retention.

It got me to thinking, personally, I’m a little obsessed with automation. If something that I need to do can be done for me, or someone can tell me what I need to know without me looking for it, I’m all in.

Where there are some brands/services that provide me with great automation, there are some that don’t! Here’s who and why…

My Credit Card provider

Love it! From the app, I’ll receive notifications with offers to encourage me to spend with relevant companies. They know my spending behaviour better than anyone… especially my missus.

My Parking provider

Perfect. A world without cash is coming (Debit Card payments more popular than Cash, BBC, June 2018). I already live there. I can schedule and pay for my parking in advance. I can even look to see where, based on my location, I can get parked easily. I’ll even receive real-time notifications on when I need to either top up my digital parking meter or sprint back to the car!

My Cloud Music provider

Awesome. I can’t remember the last time I bought a CD. So it saves time changing discs in the car, yes, but what I really like is the recommended playlists based on what I’ve listened to. Great for new albums I may not of heard, even better for a throwback playlist…

My Train ticket

E-ticket please, I won’t lose that. I can also push the receipt straight into my expenses. This is public transport right, so the best thing is the real-time notifications should there be issues on my selected route. Plus, I receive promotions for similar routes.

Now, two that either continue to annoy me, they should really do better, or just don’t get it…

My Satellite TV provider

You know what films or sporting events I’ve purchased outside of my plan, so why do you send me promotions for genres of programmes I don’t care for, or amazing promotions I’m not eligible for!? It’s not relevant, it’s just noise!

Airport Parking

I’m going away for NYE! Can’t wait. But when you’ve spent £90 for a few days parking, only to receive a ‘promotional offer’ offering a substantial discount if you book to park through December/January period, that’s a little inconsiderate. Surely you know I’m flying then, think!

Final thoughts…


Those that do it well, make my life easier, and my experience with their brand/service an enjoyable one. They send me relevant information, at the right time, in a way that is easy for me to digest.

Those that don’t, just annoy me.

Automation isn’t coming, it’s here. Some are just really far behind when they really shouldn’t be.

Automation done wrong, is worse than not embracing automation in the first place.

If you are using automation…


Where within your business and personal life?

How would you describe the effectiveness your automation experience?

Andy Wright.

Andy Wright

P.S…So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find some cheap, easy automation to help out our marketing lives… look no further, check out the demo I recorded below:

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