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We’ve recently been helping out our friends at WSRS with their upcoming event ‘How to Handle Mental Health in the Workplace’, and it got us to thinking about how we could help our own employees and our wonderful readers.

WRSR told us that it is now estimated that 1 in 6 workers are affected by mental health problems such as anxiety, depression or stress… I’m sure you can easily recall the last time you felt stressed about meeting a deadline, or anxious about presenting to your peers.

As marketers, we’re creative peeps, and creativity involves a certain amount of emotional investment. It can, therefore, be draining to constantly quantify and qualify our position with reports, results and sales, it’s a recipe for burn out.

The advice to be mindful, to meditate, to get more exercise, to eat healthier, drink less alcohol etc. is, of course, good advice, but how do we fit all of these new things into our busy schedules? 

Technology can make this process much easier by providing us with the tools we need to help ourselves and take them with us wherever we go! 

Here are three FREE apps we have used, and believe that in small doses can be introduced into our routines and really help our mental wellbeing. 

Mindfulness Daily


This app lets you break your daily mindfulness up into bite-size pieces, perfect for the busy marketer! You can set your intention each morning, schedule little breather reminders throughout the day and round it all up with a 3-minute mindfulness wind-down before you go to bed







Breethe: Meditation & Sleep

There are some awesome tools within the paid version of this app, however, even the free version is great! Do you find it hard to switch off and sleep? We love the bedtime stories and sleep sounds available with Breethe.





Change4Life Food Scanner

Public Health England has some great healthy apps available but our in-house favourite is their Food Scanner where you can simply take a picture of the barcode on your food and it will show you how much sugar is in it, allowing you to quickly make healthier food options when on your weekly shop.





Please let us know if you have any tried and tested apps of your own in the comments.  Peace out!

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