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There is no right or wrong set of journeys automations for your business. Every company has different aims and objectives, however, there are some lovely automations that 90% of businesses will want to adopt from the get-go, because they’re so darn effective.

Some of the of the automations below can fit together, however, we personally believe that simplicity is the key to easy journey maintenance, so here are our top 7 marketing automations to get your journey juices flowing:

Welcome journey

So, someone registers their interest in your business by filling out a form or subscription… what do you do now? You send them some virtual outstretched arms to welcome them into your business world of course!

You can set up automations for your welcome/thank you email, your verification email, or any relevant updates along the way that can upgrade/upsell them to a paying or repeat customer.  We recommend a sequence of 3 emails, each one of which should provide value to the customer (such as providing them with an exclusive special offer, top tips, or helpful content).

Make your welcome emails personal – ideally sent from your CEO or Managing Director, and showcase your product or service.  Your first email is likely to be the most read email you send, so make sure that you create a great first impression.

Lead score journey

Lead scoring is essential to knowing how interested your potential clients are or when someone is ready to be contacted… you can create individual lead score journeys or add lead score triggers into existing journeys to start building those numbers.  We’d suggest keeping scores low for minor intent indicators, such as email opens, or homepage visits, and slowly ramping them up as customers demonstrate more intent signals, such as downloading price lists or whitepapers.

Which leads us nicely onto…

Consultant/sales person alert journey

This is another essential marketing automation gem which can be created on its own or popped into other journeys. When a prospective client reaches a pre-determined lead score threshold or views a particular webpage (for example), you can set up an alert for your sales team!

This way the potential client is getting their sales contact at just the right moment, when they are ready, warm and open to talking to you about your product/service, rather than random cold calling.

You can even use our CRM personalisation to send over the relevant information about your customer to the sales consultant, saving your team valuable time!

Prospect building journey

Use journeys to move a warm lead to a prospect or a prospect closer to a conversion!

Once someone has shown enough interest in your product/service, either through their lead score or a trigger of your choice, you can start to nurture them with timely marketing nuggets to move them closer to conversion… value adding reports, case studies, interesting articles, offers or discounts are some of the most effective ways to do this, but always ask yourself, does this communication bring value to the customer.  If not, think twice about sending it.

Win back journey

Sometimes, no matter how interesting your marketing is, or how hard your sales team work, some warm leads and prospects just go ‘off the boil’.

They were once keen though, right?

So you don’t want to lose out when their money, time, need changes… you want to be first in mind!

Set up a journey so that if X amount of time passes and the customers lead score hasn’t changed or they haven’t re-engaged with your digital presence, pop them a jolly email with a tempting treat inside… maybe the latest relevant report or a discount code, and watch in delight as they come home to roost.

New customer journey

Congratulations, you have a new customer! Now, although you may still want your new customers to receive that 1-2-1 human interaction, there are certain automations/journeys you can put in place to benefit your team by removing time-consuming admin tasks, for example; the welcome pack or onboarding material. This will leave them more time to give that personal touch where it’s needed.

You can even use these journeys to see what actually works on new customers or not (for example, are you new customers actually opening your welcome pack? Or watching your monthly vlog? Or even opening up your emails?!)

This automation will undoubtedly require some integration with your CRM, but as Kulea plays nicely with pretty much every CRM on the market today via our REST and Javascript APIs, and our plug and play Zapier integration, we’ve taken all the hard work out of this for you already.

Upselling/ cross-selling Journey

Now that your customer has made that all-important purchase, you don’t want to miss out on knowing when they are next interested or bombard them with irrelevant content and lose their future custom.

You can set up automations to send them a relevant email with other related products to enhance their recent purchase, or a journey to build up their lead score so you are alerted what about when they are ready to buy again.

These are just a handful of simple automations you can take advantage of through our easy to use, drag and drop Kulea journey planner. There are an infinite amount of journeys and automations made available to you once you step into the world of Marketing Automation., and we’re here to help the whole way.

Here at Kulea, we pride ourselves on our Customer Success team, who will make sure you get the most out of the software and aren’t left to figure it out by yourself!

Drop us a line to find out more at CustomerSuccess@kulea-ma.stackstaging.com

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