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There are many misconceptions surrounding marketing automation, mostly born from prior experience of brutally complex and expensive first-generation marketing automation platforms.

Times have changed so much since then, marketing automation is as accessible and essential to your business as it ever has been… don’t let these myths hold you back!

1) “It’s far too expensive for my small company”


A few years ago, this was actually true! Marketing automation was only accessible to the big companies that could afford its huge price tag.


Now, there’s a second generation of marketing automation solutions offering great features for much less cost… a lot of the ‘functions’ offered by the big boys of MA are not actually that useful to your marketing needs, so why pay for them?!


Take Kulea for example, we offer 80% of the functionality of some first-gen MA solutions, for just 20% of the price.

2) “It will take my marketing job away”


Negative. The entire point of marketing automation (well, ours anyway) is to make your marketing lives easier and more productive.


With marketing automation, you will be able to automate the laborious admin jobs, enhance your super creative talents, reach a wider, more relevant audience and produce a richer pool of leads for your sales team.


You don’t just want this in your life, you need it!


3) “It’s far too hard for me to learn”


This struggle is not real!


We can only speak for ourselves here, as we provide ‘marketing automation so easy you Nan could use it’ (this is a tried and tested theory by the way)


We do this because the people (marketers) that built Kulea realised that it does not need to be as complex as some of our competitors make it.


There are several really useful capabilities, such as content personalisation and triggered customer journeys, that make marketing automation incredibly effective… we’ve focused our efforts on building these to be easy to use, without overly-complicating our solution with loads of superfluous gadgets.  


And if you do need some extra functionality, you can always just plug your Kulea account into over 1000 third party applications, in seconds, using our Zapier integration.


As an aside, make sure you choose a solution with a great aftercare service… you don’t want to be sold to and then dumped (or passed into the hands of expensive consultants).


Best practise is to talk to subject matter experts, like our Customer Success team, about your personal MA aims and objectives, and regularly update these as your business grows/evolves.

4) “I already have an email marketing platform”


Email marketing solutions are wonderful things, many of them do offer some sort of ‘automation’ within the package, however, real marketing automation is so much more than just email automation.


Marketing automation is a game-changing piece of kit where you can personalise and customise a lead/customer’s entire buying journey using web pages, emails, real-time alerts, analytics and much more,


You can talk to your audience at exactly the right time based on their real-time behaviour, not a statistic.


Kulea is designed to help you with your acquisition, conversion and retention of leads and customers. BOSH!


5) “It will take too much of my time”


Initially, your marketing automation will take some time to set up. This is because the solution will need to be tailored to your business objectives and despite what the adverts say, one size does not fit all.  It should not be an ‘off the shelf’ thing if you want it to be at its most effective.


Now, there are some major MA solutions out there that will take you years (yes seriously) to implement fully… however, Kulea.ma prides itself on its fast implementation. We have got our clients onboarded and sending out campaigns in 3 weeks, where our competitors are proven to take months!


Trust us though, your set up time will be so worth it when your solution is working in the background saving you hours and hours of time.


In conclusion…


Marketing automation is relevant and necessary for the growth of any business that has reached the stage of having a marketing person/team.


The best advice is to do your research and demo your top choices before you commit… check out review sites like G2 Crowd for real marketing reviews from real marketing customers.


If you want to find out more about marketing automation… check out our FREE Marketing Automation Guide!


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