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With it blowing a hoolie outside, what better time is there to sit down, make yourself comfortable, and check out the latest new features fresh from Kulea HQ?

These past few weeks, Constantin’s been hard at work refactoring (that’s a techie word, we didn’t know what it meant either!) the journey planner to make it more intuitive, whilst layering on additional functionality to our staggered campaign sending, through the addition of working days options. 

What’s that you say?  You only work Monday to Thursday?

Worry not.  We’ve also built in a day picker so you can construct your own custom working week.

Video 1.

The one where Andrew walks us through the new working days feature

Video 2.

The one where Andrew show us the new trigger options, filter step, and automated email time of day dispatch config.

P.s. We’ve also added functionality that allows you to drag and drop journey steps between branches, but Andrew forgot to demo that in the video!

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