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Persona Powered Marketing

What is it and how does it help me?

What are personas?

Customer personas are an industry-recognised marketing technique for better understanding your customers.

A persona is a composite of your most valuable customer’s traits – think stereotypes for business. These stereotypes help you to understand what your customers feel and act like on a day to day basis; what their goals and anxieties are, where their pain points lie, what gets them out of bed in the morning…

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates and personalised web experiences drive 20% more sales

Fleshing out your personas with a name, a photo, a job, even a personality, helps to ensure that when you craft your marketing materials, they’re geared towards a real customer, rather than an abstract concept.


Persona-lise® your web, email and landing page content to reflect your customer’s interests, increasing converstion rates by 20%


Kulea automatically Persona-lises® your email content, delivering segemented content to your subscriber’s inbox.


Seemlessly integrated into your CMS – create Persona-lised® content and reports with the click of a button.

Persona-powered marketing

We’ve baked persona powers into the very core of our marketing automation, allowing you to persona-lise® your emails, landing pages, forms, even your analytics reports, ensuring that the right message is seen by the right customer, at the right time.

Don’t worry about sending out multiple list based email marketing campaigns – we analyse your customer data and dynamically populate your emails with persona-lised® content that appeals to each individual customer.

In fact, we’ll even show your customers persona-lised® content on your web pages, so that Sally from sales gets a completely different website experience to Mark from marketing, resulting in up to 3x the conversion rates of generic, one size fits all web content.

Persona powered marketing
Every subscription includes
Persona-lised® email blocks

One email template, one campaign, unlimited potential. 

Save yourself hours by sending out a single persona-lised® campaign, rather than ten campaigns to ten different lists!

Kulea dynamically updates email content blocks and configurations based on the recipients persona designation, so that each contact only receives content relevent to them, rather than one size fits all comms.

Persona-lised® web and landing page content

Persona-lisation® doesn’t just stop at email.

Link your emails to Persona-lised® landing pages that adapt their content to best suit your viewer’s needs, creating consistent, relevent client experiences

Adaptive, progressive form fields

Hide or reveal input fields based on who’s viewing your forms to generate richer engagement with higher converting calls to action.

Persona prioritisation

Drag and drop personas to prioritise your communication preferences dependent on your campaign objectives without having to touch your content

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