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Marketing CRM

What is it and how does it help me?

Communicating with the right audiences at the right time requires a degree of sophistication that most modern sales CRM’s lack.  The Kulea marketing CRM fills that gap.

Custom filters enable you to quickly and easily construct audiences within your marketing CRM that are automatically available for use within your email and journey automation campaigns.

When combined with Kulea’s powerful cross-channel tracking, those audiences adapt dynamically to your prospect’s behaviours, ensuring the right message is always delivered to the right prospect at the right time.



Use custom filters to create unlimited dynamic lists, and deploy them within journeys and campaigns for precision targeting


Track every digital touchpoint your customers have with you, from landing page clicks to video views.


Deliver persona-lised® content that speaks to the needs of the buyer, and delivers on average 3x higher conversion rates

Of course, whilst your Kulea marketing CRM is up to most tasks, it’s not a replacement for your existing Sales CRM, which is why our integrations team can step in and wire up our marketing automation and tracking capabilities to your own sales stack to create a powerful best of breed solution that your sales and marketing teams will love. 

Every Kulea account includes...
Unlimited custom filters

Splice and dice your contact data any which way you like, and apply your saved filters to your campaigns and journeys for microtargeting of buyer audiences

Hot opportunity identification

Easily identify the contacts in your database that are most engaged with your marketing so that sales can close them

Exclusion filters

Ensure you never accidentally send an email to your competitors (even if they sign up to your newsletters!)

Self serve Subject Access Requests

Enable your marketing contacts to access, update, export and delete their own data in line with GDPR requirements, without you having to lift a finger

Open API’s and Zapier integration

Enhance the power of third party CRMs and apps with Kulea’s marketing automation capabilities via 2 way syncing.  Our in house integrations team can even integrate your sales stack and CRM for you.

Suppression lists

Upload unsubscribed contacts from third party tools to ensure you never accidentally send an email to a contact that doesn’t want to hear from you

Exportable contact behaviour

From page views to link clicks, sales teams can view and export a contact’s full behaviour data, and Kulea will even retrofit past behaviour’s to new contacts once their identity has been established

Lead score tag clouds

To visually identify a lead’s interests and behaviours

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