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GDPR compliant marketing automation

What is it and how does it help me?

Whilst the cookie -apocolyse has been cancelled for the foreseeable future,  GDPR is still with us, and with it, the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your customers based on trust, accountability and openness. But why does there have to be so much manual process?

There doesn’t. 

Kulea takes the pain out of time-consuming Subject Access Requests (SARs), giving your contacts full automated access to all marketing data stored on them within their Kulea contact record, without you having to lift a finger

Our SARs solution is just one a host of data privacy features built into Kulea.

EU location

Your data only leaves the EU if you want it to.


Our Data Centres are London based and ISO 27001 accredited

Self service

Take the pain out of privacy with our self serve solutions

All Kulea accounts include...
EU location

Our application and servers are all located within ISO 27001 accredited London Data Centres, and when it comes to email dispatch, you can even choose to locate in either the EU or US, depending on where your customer base resides

Self Serve Subject Access Requests

Take the hard work out of Data Disclosure and allow your contacts to view, update, export and delete their own marketing data without you having to lift a finger

First party cookies

Whilst the impending cookie-apocolypse may have been rescheduled for now, it highlighted something we’ve always known.  Third party cookies are dirty!

Kulea ONLY ever uses first party tracking cookies, so if the rules of the game change again, you won’t be caught short

Configurable GDPR email statements

Populated with dynamic content to ensure your emails are always above board and legal.


Sales and Marketing contacts can simply copy and paste our cookie self destruct link into their browser to set a DoNotTrack instruction, giving them total privacy from tracking.

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