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Drag and Drop Journey Planner

What is it and how does it help me?

Automated emails improve email click through rates by 70.5% and your open rates by 152%. 

But there’s a lot more to marketing automation that just sending out timely emails.

Kulea tracks a huge range of online events, from email clicks, through to website activity and file downloads.

Those events trigger seamless automated journeys that respond to your lead’s activity (or inactivity); creating lead scores, CRM updates, sales alerts and dynamic content updates.

Best of all, they do all this with out you having to lift a finger.



Build advanced automations with the click of a mouse, using our intuitive drag and drop journey builder.


Respond to every customer as an individual, creating one to one relationships at scale.


Nurture customers through to sales readiness, and automate sales alerts so your team can pick up the phone and convert.

Kulea’s drag and drop journey planner is as fast to use as it is intuitive.  Simply position your triggers, steps, and actions, configure them, and press play.

Whether building lead scores, drip campaigns, or advanced nurturing sequences, your journeys can quickly be created and duplicated with an almost endless range of variations, without touching a single line of code.

Customer Journey Planner
All Kulea accounts include...
Full integration

With your Kulea email campaigns, landing pages, forms and web site, all managed from within one easy to use location

Journey branching

To create alternative paths when your leads do, or don’t, behave in the desired way

Lead score updates and threshold triggers

Score leads based on behavioural and CRM data, have Kulea respond for you in real time, or pass them to your sales teams to close when pre-determined lead score thresholds are reached

Real time sales alerts

Ensure your sales teams are in the know when key events are triggered by your leads – never miss  a hot opportunity!

Advanced filters

Use boolean logic to determine who does, and doesn’t, go on your marketing journeys, or pull your campaign filters into your journeys at the touch of a button

Send either plain text or HTML emails

Automatically from within the journey planner, dispatching personalised and persona-lised content 24/7, bank holidays and Christmas

Fully flexible sendng schedules

Don’t just send email when it’s best for the prospect, send them when you’re available to respond!

Configure your working days in Kulea, and allow the journey planner to dispatch your communications at the right time for you AND your lead.

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