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Your one stop digital marketing shop

We’ve  avoided feature bloat, and everything we’ve created for you is based on years of frontline sales and marketing know-how and award winning digital experience. And unlike some marketing automation solutions, we make all our functionality available to you, no-matter what tier you’re on.


So let’s break it down – just what does Kulea do, and why?

Software Features

Email Marketing

Drag and Drop Journey Automation

Choose from a range of powerful triggers, including page visits, form completions and CRM evaluations.

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Email Marketing

360 Degree Email Marketing

By combining our email capabilities our web tracking and CMS, we’re able to provide a 360-degree view of your customers.

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Persona Powered Marketing

Kulea bring you a first. Persona-powered marketing. You best sit down for this next part, it’s going to blow you away

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Personalised Landing Pages

Website Landing Pages and Forms

Kulea’s personalised landing page experience increases conversion rates by an average of 20%.

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Turbo Charged Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a proven approach for prioritising your leads based on their online activity..

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Flexible Reporting

Marketing CRM

Our flexible marketing CRM and custom filters provide rich insight on your prospect and lead data.

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GDPR compliant

Our highly secure SARs solution allows contacts to view, export, edit and delete their own marketing data, without you having to lift a finger.

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Easy Integration

Plug and play integration with over 3,000 third party apps

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Easy to use

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be torture. Dare we say, it can actually be fun?

We’re not saying we’re better than a night on the town with the Rat Pack, but we’re confident that you’ll be smiling all the way to the board room with our powerful portfolio of user friendly features.

Safe and Secure

Data protection and privacy is at the very heart of everything we do.

All Kulea accounts have full SSL encryption and are protected by Multi-Factor Authentication, and we use the very latest in Row Level Security to ensure your precious customer data is kept safer than a South Korean Nuclear bunker.

Designed for Marketers by Marketers

What’s wrong with the marketing automation industry? Tech designed by geeks, for geeks. Slick sales teams promising the world; they’ve clearly never been on the receiving end of their own techology.

Kulea’s different. You don’t need to be a NASA scientist (or have NASA’s budget for that matter), to use our tools – they’re so simple you can have your first campaign up and running on day one.

What we don't do


Why leave customers wanting more? CRM, analytics, CMS, segmentation, you name it, we have it. And if there’s something else that’s needed, just talk to us.


What’s the point of that? Our products are designed by marketers for marketers. No more tools that throw you in at the deep end, that are cumbersome, overwhelming and complicated.


User experience matters. With Kulea.ma you can visualise insights instantly, explore intuitively, and step away from your desk with our mobile friendly interface.

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