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Marketing automation for SMEs


Not a fully paid up member of the marketing illuminati?

Worry not. Even our marketing virgins have gotten jiggy with Kulea faster than you can say “inappropriate metaphor”, realizing the benefits of personalising and automating their marketing communications so that they can spend less time marketing, and more time building their businesses.

“Me and my team are able to put together complex automations ourselves and with the hook up with Zapier this enables us to fully control our workflows. Kulea is adding huge value to our day to day existence.”

Gemma S, Digital Marketing Manager FMC Talent
Gemma S, Digital Marketing Manager

“The Kulea team go out of their way to make sure we get the most out of Kulea, but also have a successful and enjoyable working relationship. How often can you say that? That you actually enjoy working with a supplier? It really is a breath of fresh air.

Kulea has given us great insights into customer and prospect behaviour, which has helped us to improve on site conversions. It gives us great insight into our email campaigns. And that is without touching lead scoring, automations or personalisation. We’re barely touching the surface with Kulea.”

Tim Jubb, Digital Marketing Manager Airsweb
Tim Jubb, Digital Marketing Manager

We have now had 215 (and counting) entries into our competition that we have been able to actively market our product too. With 5% converting into sales, these have more than paid for the annual use of Kulea.  With detailed reports it really allows us to review which campaigns have been most effective.  After using various marketing platforms for email campaigns, Kulea is hands down the most user-friendly!

We will be customers for a long time!

Lauren Britten, Marketing Manager Campbell Property
Lauren Britten, Marketing Manager

“You seem to have thought of everything in the design and development of Kulea. From all the quirky features and styling to the logistics, it is set up to allow easy transition when starting to use Kulea.

The other day I looked at where an enquiry had visited, and was able to seemingly intuitively make two suggestions for two very different tents, both of which I knew she’d looked at – much to her surprise!”

Katherine Hudson, Founder arabiantents.com
Katherine Hudson, Founder

We’ve built Kulea from the ground up for small and medium businesses.  Frankly, we got annoyed with enterprise level companies with endless resources and deep pockets getting all the unfair advantages that marketing automation brings, and decided to build an SME solution that was both affordable and user friendly.  And Kulea was born.

Now, marketing automation isn’t a silver bullet, and Kulea isn’t for everyone, so before you sign up for a demo and a chat, we’d recommend asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do I have content that adds value to my client and prospect’s lives? 
    If you’re planning on spamming your leads into submission with spray and pray email marketing, then we’ll politely suggest Kulea’s probably not for you.  If you’re in favour of building long lasting relationships though listening to your customers and prospects, and delivering value based marketing communications, then we should talk.


  • Do I have someone in sales or marketing that’s going to take responsibility for marketing automation?
    You’d be surprised at how many business owners we speak desperately want marketing automation, but don’t have anyone onboard to actually run it.  We’ll be honest.  Marketing automation is a commitment.  Whether that’s a commitment of time, or a financial commitment (we offer content creation and solution engineering services on top of our technology, but these come at an extra cost), there’s investment on your part.  Marketing Automation ALWAYS works best if there’s someone in sales and marketing running to run the show.


  • Am I in this for the long run?
    If you’re looking to marketing automation to ping out a few short term email campaigns, you’re probably better off sticking with Mailchimp. If however, you’re looking to develop long term client relationships based around personalising and automating every digital touch point you have with you customers, to build sustainable, long term relationships, then we’re definitely onto something.

Read this far and we’ve still not put you off?

Great, let’s book some time in the diary to talk about how Kulea can get you…


Better Conversion

Converting 20% more customers through personalising your digital communications at every stage of the customer journey


More Engagement

Engaging with your customers through email marketing that improves open rates by 152% and click through rates by 87%


Deeper Insight

Understanding which customers are looking at your products and services online; notifying your sales teams in real time so they can pick up the phone and convert

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