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Marketing automation for SMEs

Not a fully paid up member of the marketing illuminati? Worry not. Even our marketing virgins have gotten jiggy with Kulea faster than you can say “inappropriate metaphor”, realizing the benefits of personalising and automating their marketing communications so that they can spend less time marketing, and more time building their businesses.

So, if your SME business could benefit from:


Better Conversion

Converting 20% more customers through personalising your digital communications at every stage of the customer journey


Engaging with your customers through email marketing that improves open rates by 152% and click through rates by 87%


Understanding which customers are looking at your products and services online; notifying your sales teams in real time so they can pick up the phone and convert

We have now had 215 (and counting) entries into our competition that we have been able to actively market our product too. With 5% converting into sales, these have more than paid for the annual use of Kulea.

Alongside the data capture element, we have run multiple email marketing campaigns. With detailed reports it really allows us to review which campaigns have been most effective. 
After using various marketing platforms for email campaigns, Kulea is hands down the most user-friendly!
Andrew has always been on hand to help with queries and educate me on the new kulea features  - we are excited to start utilising these to enhance the customer experience even more.

We will be customers for a long time!

Lauren Britten, Marketing Manager  Campbell Property

"You seem to have thought of everything in the design and development of Kulea. From all the quirky features and styling to the logistics, it is set up to allow easy transition when starting to use Kulea.

The other day I looked at where an enquiry had visited, and was able to seemingly intuitively make two suggestions for two very different tents, both of which I knew she’d looked at – much to her surprise!"

Katherine Hudson, Founder  arabiantents.com

Kulea MA

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