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Turbo Charged Lead Scoring

What is it and how does it help me?

What is lead scoring?

Lead scoring is a proven approach for prioritising your leads based on their online activity – think of it as your prospect’s sales readiness rating. The more score you allocate to a prospect, the higher the chance they’ll convert into a paying customer when you make contact, saving you those awkward silences and wasted phone calls.

It’s completely up to you how you allocate lead score to your customers. Maybe they’ve downloaded your price list, or visited your contact page.  Maybe they work for a particular company you’re targeting?

Our approach to lead scoring is completely flexible, because your business is flexible.


Score your leads based on who they are and how they engage with your marketing activities and online presence


Ensure your sales team are following up the right leads at the right time with native CRM integration and real time alerts, so they never miss an opportunity

...and automate

Track contacts across the sales funnel and enter them into automated nurturing sequences that build stronger, stickier client relationships

The Kulea difference…

Kulea goes beyond linear lead scoring models with lead score tagging.

Tags enable you to layer context onto lead scores to provide deeper, more actionable customer insight.  Better still, lead scoring is integrated into your automated journyy planner, so building and duplicating advanced lead score models takes seconds, not hours.

Kulea marketing automation lead scoring
All Kulea accounts include...
Implicit and explicit lead scoring

Score contacts based on their online body language, behaviour and actions, and apply CRM filters, such as job title or seniority, to derive a holistic view of your lead.

Journey planner integration

Simply drag and drop scores into your journey planner, and then duplicate them for for a limitless number of possibilities

Lead score triggers

Use leads score thresholds to trigger advanced automations, CRM updates and real time sales alerts

Lead score tagging

Go beyond the numbers, to apply contextual scores and create user generated tag clouds that describe your lead’s behaviour at a glance.

Negative lead scoring

Apply negative scores for a lead’s inaction, poor quality contact data (such as personal email addresses) and dequalifying online behaviours, such as visiting your careers page

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