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Anyone that’s ever organised or attended a live event (most of us, right?) knows that there are 3 crucial steps required to generate leads…

Stage One – The necessary… 
  • The planning.
  • The budgeting.
  • The invitations.
  • The early starts.
Stage Two – The fun part… 
  • The introductions.
  • The meetings.
  • The conversations.
  • The countless cups of coffee and breath mints.
  • The awesome demos.
Stage Three – The frustration 
  • The business cards collected, with illegible scribbles.
  • The lanyards scanned, of any passer-by.
  • The unanswered calls.
  • The forgotten emails.
  • The 3 day delay before your marketing department is able to acquire and cleanse the lead list
  • The days it takes to get the data into the CRM.
  • The deterioration of prospect engagement and enthusiasm.
 Luckily…Team Kulea have the answer to stage 3 (and also stage 1, but that’s a demo for another time)
By using automation and real-time dynamic responses, Kulea removes the admin time that can kill your lead conversations; getting you to the front of the queue when responding to prospects and preventing those horrible one size fits all responses that turn your prospects right off.
With our upcoming event at the B2B Mtex show, we’re going to be using the techniques shown below in the real world, so if you want to come and take a look, you’ll find us on stand 2734 at the Excel London on the 27th and 28th of March.

Looks of interest?  Drop me a line on andy@kulea-ma.stackstaging.com or 01908 088 914

P.s. Live event marketing automation is just one example of how you can use Kulea’s marketing automation capabilities to increase your marketing effectiveness.  Check out how you can use Kulea for automated sales prospecting here for another example.

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