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Case Study

Kulea’s BDaaS Lead Generation Fuels Landstack Success

Landstack, an innovative SaaS platform providing comprehensive access to planning applications, allocations, and land availability assessments in the UK, faced a common challenge in their industry. They were seeking to secure meetings with land and property developers but had exhausted their existing database and resources…


Company Name: Landstack
Date: September 2023
Website: landstack.co.uk

Landstack is the only place to find planning applications, allocations and land availability assessments all in one place, displayed to the same standard – irrespective of the authority.

The challenge

Landstack recognised the necessity to expand their network and engage with a broader audience of potential clients.

The goal was to secure meetings with key stakeholders in the land and property development sector to showcase their unique platform’s value proposition.

Goals and objectives

Solving the Problem

Landstack partnered with Kulea to leverage their Business Data as a Service (BDaaS) lead generation service. Kulea’s expertise in targeted marketing and lead generation provided a valuable solution to Landstack’s challenge. Kulea designed and implemented a strategic campaign tailored to reach the specific audience Landstack desired.

Campaign execution

  • Objective: Secure 5 to 10 meetings per month with land and property developers across the UK.
  • Strategy: Kulea devised a targeted digital marketing strategy leveraging various channels to reach potential clients in the property development sector.
  • Customization: Tailored 4 point communication and messaging plan written to resonate with the unique needs and interests of the target audience.
  • Efficiency: The campaign was executed swiftly, generating immediate interest and response from the targeted prospects.

Frankly, I’ve been blown away by how quickly this campaign has taken off and the efficiency with which Kulea has worked. We were expecting a few meetings a week, but to generate this much interest, this quickly, has opened my eyes to how much land and property developers need our software platform, and the massive potential we have for growth within this industry.

Will Pink

Head of Business Development, Landstack

The Results

Audience outreach is a numbers game – so what do the numbers look like?

Positive responses in the first 10 days

Meetings booked in first 10 days


Positive response rate

Meetings booked in five months

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