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So much more than just 'connecting the dots'

Integrated data transformation

Go beyond simply connecting your CRM to Kulea.

Our powerful ETL toolkit enables us to transform, adapat and enrich your data as it passes through our custom connectors, ensuring that when it’s loaded into your destination platform, it’s already fully optimised for use.

Verify and cleanse

Remove invalid emails, poor quality catch-all emails, and emails with bad syntex, to keep your mailing lists clean and your domain reputation flawless, all before your data hits your Kulea account.

We can run our own data syntax checks or connect to third party data verification services such as Mailgun or Neverbounce to ensure >99% deliverability.

Data enrichment

Gartner estimates that poor quality quatity data costs organisations an annual average $12.9 million. 

Enrich and enhance your data before it hits the inbox, to ensure accurate targeting and personalisation

Data standardisation

Data standardisation is essential for targeting and reporting, yet often in CRM’s you’ll see variations in spelling, usage and categorisation leading to manual campaign curration.  Our connectors can consolidate and standardise your data as it passes through to maintain data consistency and deliver more accurate and effective campaigns


Our REST API allows you to build your own custom integrations and connect Kulea to almost any CRM platform in existence today. Better yet – let us do the heavy lifting and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

Check out our developer Swagger page, or talk to your Customer Success Manager today!


Native CRM integrations

Not only does Kulea connect with thousands of third party apps through Zapier, we also have native integrations available for a number of CRM solutions.  If you’re interested in connecting any of the below CRMs with our powerful marketing automation capabilities, please do get in touch


Vincere CRM

Vincere is the Recruitment Operating System. A true all-in-one recruitment agency software for staffing firms trusted by 20000+ recruiters worldwide.

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Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is the easy-to-use, #1 user-rated CRM tool. Get more qualified leads and grow your business..

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Microdec Profile CRM

Microdec CRM gives staffing and recruitment agencies the freedom to focus on their candidates and clients with intuitive software that integrates and streamlines your processes.

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Integration Guides, Insights and Tips

From our blog..

Salesforce 10 minute marketing automation integration challenge..

Salesforce 10 minute marketing automation integration challenge..

For those of you that have paid a small fortune to use Salesforce’s own marketing automation platform, Pardot, watching our easy Kulea integration may come as a painful experience.  Not only do we set it up in less than ten minutes, we also put in place an automated email and webpage personalisation experience off the back of it.