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Here at Team Kulea we’re MASSIVE fans of Pipedrive.

In fact, we love it so much, we use it as our own CRM, so it was probably pretty inevitable that one day we’d partner up with our good friends from Estonia.

Ladies and gentlemen, that day has now arrived.

As official Pipedrive Partners, Team Kulea are proud to see the integration work we carry out through our Pipedrive playbook recognised. 

Kulea’s powerful suite of drag and drop marketing automation tools build on Pipedrive’s own rules based automations to create incredibly powerful, cost effective sales and marketing workflows, whilst our Zapier integrations ensure that your data is synchronised across the two platforms, and your brand is always front of mind with your contacts, deals, and clients.

If you’re using Pipedrive and want to explore the benefits of applying Kulea’s marketing automation technology, please reach out to us

P.s. Don’t worry If you’re not a Pipedrive CRM user. We still support Salesforce, Hubspot CRM and all other manner of integrations.  Talk to us if you have any questions 🙂

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