Oh, so flexible reporting

What is it, and how does it help me?

Data’s great, isn’t it? There’s data everywhere these days, and on the whole, that’s a good thing – from telling us how healthy we are, to letting us know if our train’s running late, data provides the bricks and mortar of a modern lifestyle.

But have you ever seen data first hand?

It’s not pretty. Reams and reams of numbers and words, tumbling out at a rate so fast, we’ve had to create a new word for it “Big Data!” The truth is, data on its own is pretty useless, data doesn’t provide insight, data doesn’t generate knowledge; that only occurs when you’re given the tools to translate all that data, and boy do we give you a great tool kit.

Our completely flexible reporting allows you to interrogate your user’s data whichever way you want. Filter your data by tags, personas, date ranges, behaviour, CRM records… the power lies with you, and then see everything come together in beautiful colour coded graphs and tables, just like Google Analytics.

But Kulea goes way further than Google Analytics. Have you ever pulled a Google report wishing you knew just who all those anonymous website visitors are? Well, now you can! By linking your reports to our powerful CRM, you can see just which of your customers are using your website, downloading your price lists or watching your videos. You can then export these contacts, allocate them to your sales team, or simply glow in the warmth of a job well done (with evidence to back it up!)

Well done you!


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