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GDPR compliant marketing automation

What is it and how does it help me?

GDPR is here, and with it, the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your customers based on trust, accountability and openness. But why does there have to be so much manual process?

There doesn’t.  Kulea takes the pain out of time-consuming Subject Access Requests (SARs), giving your contacts full automated access to all marketing data stored on them within their Kulea contact record.

Our highly secure SARs solution allows contacts to view, export, edit and delete their own marketing data, without you having to lift a finger, and if they do wish to be deleted, we’ll fire you an alert and remove the customer’s details from your records.  They won’t even appear in your report data (anonymous, aggregate reporting data will remain visible in your account, but any use of a deleted contact’s details will be removed).

Our SARs solution is just one of the data privacy features built into Kulea.  Drop us a line to learn more.

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