Drag and drop journey planner

What is it, and how does it help me?

It’s all well and good sending your customers an email when you’ve got a new product to promote, or bulk posting your new brochure out once a year, every year, but that’s not really listening to your customer’s needs is it? And if you’re not listening to them, why on earth should they listen to you?

Wouldn’t it be better if you sent out that 10%-off promotional email at the exact moment your customer was teetering on the edge of making a purchase, or offering them your free online guide to pie making, because last time they came to your site they did a search for pie recipes?

Well, our customer journey planner helps you do just that, and a whole lot more. Choose from a range of powerful triggers, including page visits, form completions and CRM evaluations, add and manage the steps you’d like your customer to take along their journey, and send them relevant, timely and personal communications (you know, the kind that convert!) as they go. 


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