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I receive many marketing emails per day, working in the field I am very analytical of these, and only the special few stand out.
I did get an email recently that really stood out, great subject line, impressively personalised email, button taking me to a form… it was almost the best data enrichment journey I’ve ever been on… let’s see why:

This is what got me hooked! They know my name, they are as excited about my birthday as I am AND they want to give me a treat! (I’m in)


Into the email, they continue to address me personally (nice) and they make it exciting and easy for me to achieve my goal of getting my birthday treat…

…another great touch is it also lets me know what I have to do if I’m not interested in the treat.

email print screen

This is where I see the need for improvement however…

This is a very long form and I know they know a lot of this information! I am instantly put off having to fill out the whole thing.


The extra frustration is, (after only filling out my D.O.B) that the whole form is not actually compulsory.


I think the company would really benefit from using ‘form backfilling’ to pre-fill the information they already know about me.

And if their marketing automation does not do this then they should try Kulea, because we do!

Check out our contact page Travelodge 😉 

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