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Whilst we love all our clients, it has to be said that we’ve got a particularly soft spot for our BFF’s over at Street Agency.  The team their have grown massively this year using Kulea, as they’ve brought on board new clients with their business development outreach programme whilst simultaneously managing their top performing Business Development Podcast series, Word on the Street, hosted by their very own inimitable founder, Katie Street. 

Now, if you’ve spent any time here at Kulea HQ (or indeed, on a Zoom call with us), you’ll know our own founder and CEO, Andrew Nicholson’s not exactly a wallflower himself when it comes to sharing best practice, and with that in mind, Katie kindly invited him onto the Podcast to share tips on tech, strategy, and how not to get caught out flirting with rockstars on national TV. 

Oh my!

This episode covers  

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