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Forget diamonds, and the Prince song (sorry Prince) But PURLS are our new best friend…

PURL stands for Personalised URL and is Kulea’s awesome new piece of functionality set to take your Direct Mail (DM) marketing to the next level.

DM is a wonderful way to diversify your marketing methods – by its very essence it’s direct and personalised (or it should be if you’re doing a half decent job!)

However, whilst most DM campaigns will do a cracking job of personalising the written message, they totally lose their personalisation mojo at the all important next step, when they direct your customers to completely generic websites or landing pages.

Added to this, DM often spells the end of your analytics and customer tracking capabilities. 

In the past, whilst you could use email tracking to see when prospects clicked a link in an email, if you sent out a postcard or letter and your prospect, having read it, typed in the link to your website, you’d have lost all visibility of who they are and what they then go on to do on your website.

All of this renders the Direct Mail method a lot less effective and powerful than it could be, until now…

In swoops the mighty Personalised URL!

By adding PURLs to your DM Marketing Campaigns, your links will automatically take your prospect to a completely personalised landing page (with your content all back-filled by Kulea of course). 

PURLs enable continuity of personalisation, providing your prospects with a much more interesting and engaging experience.  Think how much more interested Steve Jobs would be if he saw your website address was acme.com/SteveJ, than just plain old acme.com.

Even more exciting is that by sending a visitor to a PURL, you are also dropping a Kulea tracking cookie that enables you to track the success of your offline DM Campaigns AND even respond to offline events when actions have or have not been completed by the prospect!

(hold for applause…)

If you’re a Kulea customer, you can start using this gem (see what I did there?) straight away! Click here for the how-to-guide and a handy video walk through.

If you’re not a Kulea customer yet, but want to start using PURLs in your integrated marketing campaigns, then drop us a line and we will get in contact ASAP!

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Direct email: andrew@kulea-ma.stackstaging.com

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