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In a world of ever-increasing complexity, with swathes of up and coming digital channels all vying for your attention, why is it that good old-fashioned email is still the most popular channel amongst successful digital marketers?

Email marketing is the grandfather of digital marketing.  Email pre-dates the internet, and your email marketing generates the highest ROI of any pretty much all of marketing channels (second only to your website).  Email marketing rocks, but it’s also the most abused tool out there, and it’s very easy to get your email marketing strategy wrong.

So rather than running wild and spamming the bejeezus out of your (soon to be ex) customers, let’s work together to get your email marketing right from the outset and secure that customer love-fest you know you crave.

Here are three top tips that you may have never even considered….

Personalise, personalise, personalise!

Have you ever noticed that when you pass around a group photo, everyone slows down for a few seconds to find themselves? We’re an incredibly narcissistic species, so much so that world renowned marketer and psychologist, Robert Cialdini, has coined a phrase for the effect… “Self-Relevance”.

Our innate narcissism biases us towards lending more weight to communications that use our own details and circumstances. This effect, however, goes far beyond just inserting “Dear [[forename]]” in the first line of your email.

Self-relevant emails use both geo-demographic and event information to generate hyper-specific content geared towards the reader. Consider for yourself which email statement would have the most impact on a reader that has just visited the Kulea website:

A. Marketers that use Kulea marketing automation consistently report that it’s ease of use far outstrips the competition.


B. Digital Marketing Managers in the construction sector using kulea consistently report that it’s ease of use far outstrips the competition.

Of course, the text highlighted in green is dynamically inserted into the email content, pulling in the recipients job title and industry vertical respectively, but the recipient doesn’t know this. All they see is a hyper relevant message that seems to appeal directly to them.

Marketing automation tools can even go one better – switching in content within the email that reflects a customer’s specific browsing habits or persona type, so that Sally from sales receives a completely different message to Mark from marketing.

In fact, this level of personalisation (or persona-lisation®️ as we call it at kulea) has been shown to increase sales conversion rates by an average of 20%.

Treat your emails like an extension of your website.

Consistency is critical to building customer love. You’ve probably spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, developing your brand and creating a unique tone of voice that differentiates you from the rest of your competitors.

Yet you knocked out your email content in a single afternoon!!!

Stop. Think about how you can transition your brand essence across to email whilst ensuring that every communication adds value to the recipient.

Maintain the same tone of voice across web and email, and use marketing automation tools to identify which products/services your customers have most recently shown interest in so that you reflect their interest in the content you create for them.

Write like a human.

There’s a tried and tested sales maxim – people buy from people, not companies, and this is especially true of emails.

Lose the corporate jargon and speak as you would if you were having a conversation with the email recipient directly. Don’t be afraid to be cheeky, funny, or even a little bit cocky, it’ll make your email stand out from the crowd, and with 205 billion emails going out daily (at last count!) standing out makes the difference between a sale and a fail.

In fact, go one better and have the confidence to lose the beautifully designed HTML’s completely. Plain text emails, or at least a close approximation of them (you still want all your lovely tracking pixels after all, so you’ll need a hint of HTML in place) consistently outperform beautiful designed HTML emails.


Because PEOPLE send plain text emails. COMPANIES send beautifully designed HTML emails.

Simply translating a HTML email into plain text has been shown to increase open rates by as much as 25% (interestingly, people say they prefer HTML emails (almost 65%) but this preference doesn’t seem to extend to actually reading the email!).

Email is rightly perceived as a 1 to 1 medium, and people respond to 1 to 1 communications, even if that same email has been sent to 2 million people.

But the moment that 1 to 1 email starts to looks like it might have been sent in bulk (and nothing says “corporate email blast” more than a pretty branded banner), that personal connection is lost and open and click through rates plummet.

The reality is, that a well structured and thought out email beats the bejeezus out something created by the graphic design team – every time!

As an example, here’s an email one of our clients sent out to their database promoting an event they were hosting that educated attendees about the importance of voice search.

Subject: Alexa, why does this email suck?


Okay, so you’re reading it, so it’s probably not all that bad, but let’s be honest, email’s time is coming to an end.

Millennials have turned to more immersive martech in their droves, and leading the way is Voice

Alexa, how do I ensure my brand doesn’t get left behind?!

That’s easy …  Join the Head of partnerships at Alexa and our very own CEO, Rob Bennett, next Wednesday morning for an exclusive discussion on real-world examples of top global brands who have embraced voice technology to yield unprecedented customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sounds pricey Alexa

Nope.  Actually, to you [[forename]], it’s free.  But it is only open to brands, so apologies in advance if this email’s been forwarded to an agency trying to get a sneak peek of the future of customer communications.

So, if you’re looking to boost your brand and get unique insight from the biggest names in voice tech, join us.  Simply register here.

See you soon


An awesome marketing email marketing campaign decreeing the death of email marketing?  If that doesn’t get your attention, nothing will!

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