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360 Degree Email Marketing

What is it and how does it help me?

Email is the B2B marketer’s bread and butter, and whilst we know the kids are down with Snapchat, it’s a fact of life that email still packs one hell of a punch when it comes to acquiring, converting and retaining new customers. 

In fact, 34% of businesses believe that email is their most effective marketing tactic, second only to word of mouth, and email marketing these days is pretty much ubiquitous for agencies looking to get the most bang for their buck (one American study found that every $1 invested in email generates a return of $44.25!)

Intelligent Emails

Spray and pray is so last century. Respond to customers one to one, on mass, by listening in to their online body language

Powerful Persona-lisation®

Dynamically personalise and Persona-lise® your email subject lines and content for each recipient


Beautiful Email Templates

Build beautiful HTML templates quickly and easily with our drag and drop email builder

Deliverability 101

But it doesn’t matter how easy it is to build your emails, or even how beautiful they are, if they’re not getting delivered to your intended recipients inbox.

Kulea comes with a complete kit of campaign tools to ensure your emails are seen and responded to.  from staggered campaigns, to domain reputation thresholds, we’ve got your back.

Email Marketing
Every Kulea accounts includes...
Dynamic email personalisation and Persona-lisation™

Go beyond “Dear {{forename}}, and dynamically adapt email promotions, imagery, and even whole content blocks, based on your recipient’s persona type

Bot buster technology

There’s nothing worse than reporting back to the board about how succesful your email campaign’s been, only to later discover that half those opens and clicks you were so proud of were actually security bots doing their thing. 

Actually, there is something worse. 

Having those same bots triggering automations that were meant for real people!

That’s why we built bot buster. Not only does bot buster identify suspicious activity and flag it in your contact’s behaviour reports, but with the flick of a switch, Kulea can disable all suspicious email events to prevent any false flags or automations being triggered.

Responsive email templates

Use our own out of the box email templates, or create your own and duplicate them with  a click of a button to massively reduce time spent building emails

Inlimited test emails

So you and your team can be assured that every email you send is perfect

Staggered email sending

Stagger your email campaigns over the course of a day, week, or even a month to improve deliverability and flatten the curve for sales team follow ups

Custom SPF, DKIM and DMARC set up

Custom domain set up and validation by our inhouse team so that your emails are verified and delivered to the buyer’s inbox

Account level exclusion filters

So you can be sure than none of your competitors ever slip through the crack and receive your emails

Suppression lists

Import unsubscribers from third party emails tools and supress them from your own email activity at the click of a button.

Smart list creation

Add contacts to multiple lists dynamically, and create advanced custom filters with our easy to use drag and drop editor

EU based mail servers

Ensure GDPR compatibility

Domain reputation protection

Ensure you never accidentally send to a dirty list, with bounce back monitoring, auto-archiving of invalid records, and automatic throttling of low quality campaign sending.

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