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Vincere CRM Integration Case Study

Connecting the dots between Vincere, live events, and marketing communications

Eden Scott, a prestigious and well-established Edinburgh based recruitment firm, faced significant challenges in effectively integrating their Vincere CRM and real world event activity with email marketing capabilities.

Seeking to enhance their communication strategy and safeguard data integrity, Eden Scott turned to Kulea.ma, a trusted platform partner specialising in email marketing automation and CRM integration for the staffing and recruitment industry.

Client details

Eden Scott

Compay Name: Eden Scott HR.
Date: September 2023
Website: edenscott.com

Eden Scott has over 40 recruiters across three different offices, supporting more than 15 industries to find the very best people.

Goals and Objectives

  • Efficient Communication: Streamline communication with candidates and clients for enhanced engagement.
  • Data Security and Integrity: Ensure that all relevent CRM fields were passed to Kulea securely for email targeting, segmentation and personalisation, without the need for manual importing and exporting of data from Vincere.
  • Data hygiene and domain reputation protection: Data is the lifeblood of any recruitment firm.  Eden Scott needed to ensure that there any data being fed into Kulea was consistently cleansed and enriched, before sending emails out.
Goals and objectives

” Whilst Vincere is a great recruitment CRM, it lacks the email marketing capabilities required for us to engage with our clients and candidates at a deeper level.  The Kulea ETL completely overcomes this hurdle. Every night new clients and contacts are passed across into Kulea securely and efficiently, without us having to lift a finger, and the data is even validated and enriched along the way. “

Ewan Anderson

Associate Marketing Director, Eden Scott

Implementation Process

The transition from traditional methods to Kulea.ma’s integrated approach was meticulously managed to ensure a smooth and secure integration.

  • Data Enrichment and Cleansing: Kulea empowered Eden Scott by cleansing and enriching their client data during the migration from Vincere to Kulea. This ensured that all data was up to date, enhancing segmentation, targeting, and personalisation.


  • Custom Tracking Links and Bot Identification: Kulea introduced custom tracking links and advanced bot identification, isolating and protecting Eden Scott’s domain reputation. False flag click and open events were identified and removed, enhancing overall campaign accuracy.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Kulea maintains advanced security measures, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and SSL on all accounts and data transfers, and ensures GDPR compliance by storing all EU data in London data centres, providing a secure environment for Eden Scott’s sensitive data.
  • Branded Landing Page Data Capture: Kulea facilitated branded landing page data capture, allowing Eden Scott to seamlessly collect candidate data directly into the Kulea marketing automation platform from iPads and phones during student recruitment fairs.
  • Improved Integration with Vincere through Kulea: Initially using Zapier, which lacked critical capabilities, Eden Scott migrated to Kulea’s ETL for a more robust and seamless integration. Unlike Zapier, Kulea offered the ability to create new candidates in Vincere and trigger events when new contacts were added.

We’re a long time user of Kulea, and I can confidently say the team there really know their stuff.  Not only have they built a powerful two way integration between Kulea and our Vincere account; they even identified issues with our CMS to Vincere integration and advised our web development agency (who built the integration) on how to fix the problem!

The Kulea platform enables us to send out automated drip campaigns, large scale client and candidate comms, and fully personalised and targeting content, all through a user friendly and intuitive UI”

Ewan Anderson

Associate Marketing Director, Eden Scott


Kulea’s integration with Vincere provided several value additions to Eden Scott:

  • Bot Identification and Removal: Advanced bot identification ensured that false click and open events were promptly identified and removed, providing accurate campaign performance metrics.
  • Efficient Data Capture at Recruitment Fairs: Branded landing pages enabled direct candidate data capture, streamlining processes during student recruitment fairs and events.
  • Enhanced Data Security and Integrity: Kulea’s MFA and GDPR compliance, with data stored in London data centres, guaranteed a high level of security and data integrity.
  • Data Cleansing and Enrichment: Eden Scott’s client data was cleansed and enriched during migration, ensuring up-to-date and rich data for optimal segmentation, targeting, and personalisation.

Results and Impact

Eden Scott experienced remarkable results from implementing Kulea’s solution:

  • Streamlined Communication: Communication with candidates and clients became efficient and personalised, resulting in enhanced engagement and responses.
  • Data Integrity and Security: Data integrity was maintained, and enhanced security measures provided peace of mind, especially dealing with sensitive candidate and client information.

Key Takeaway

Eden Scott, one of Scotland’s most prominent recruitment firms, entrusted Kulea to extract, transform and cleanse their marketing data, resulting in a significant improvement in communication efficiency. This case study exemplifies the trust and success that a large and reputable organisation like Eden Scott can achieve through partnering with Kulea.

Kulea.ma is the ONLY email marketing platform that connects natively to Vincere