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Let Kulea cleanse and shape your data so that you’re automation ready

High bounce rates, poor engagement, tons of out of office replies?

 How old is the data you’re using?

Outdated and incorrect data can severely decrease your productivity, cost you unnecessary more and produce poor results.

Kulea’s Data Cleansing service will cleanse and shape your data to save time, money and improve your lead quality and engagement!

What do we do…

Our dedicated data cleansing team will find and correct or remove corrupt and inaccurate data from your database, using real time data validation tools to ensure data purity across all your CRM and marketing tools. We will standardise the way your data is formatted to make sure you get the best results from our marketing automation and reporting software, unifying, for example, multiple disparate job “titles” into a single job “function” which can then be used as a targeting criteria.

Improve your acquisition and conversion rates

Your new clean  contact data will provides a more efficient prospect list to work from. Your campaigns will reach more people, providing more accurate analytics by decreasing your bounce rates and increasing your open rates, leading to higher conversion rates.

Streamline your marketing decisions

Get rid of duplicate data, and input fewer records into your Martech subscriptions, saving you money and providing more budget for other marketing avenues. With your improved analytics and clean data, you can better determine which marketing avenues are effective for your business.


Be more productive

With your well maintained database, you can be sure that your marketing and sales teams aren’t wasting their time using out-of-date information to contact prospects and clients.

Make more money

Improve your prospect acquisition rates with more accurate marketing campaigns and efficient sales teams contacting the right contacts – all resulting in more sales. Keeping your database up-to-date is going to improve your cross selling and return business which is a  great way to increase revenue!

Cleaning, shaping and maintaining a healthy and productive database requires time and resources.

That’s where Kulea’s Data Cleansing Service can really help.

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