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When supporting our clients in financial services (for example accountants and bookkeepers) you’ll often hear us talking about benefits along the lines of…


For the Advisor
  • Managing bottlenecks within your practice by automating processes, saving time.
  • Using the latest cloud base software to comply with the latest legislation, reduces risk.
  • With the new free time and up-to-date data, you can offer more proactive services. 
For the Client
  • Real-time visibility into their business’s financials encourages informed decision making.
  • Simplifying their accounts, especially with MTD around the corner, ensures compliance.
  • With forward-looking data, conversations with their advisors unlocks more value for their business.
But when someone starts a business, they do it for a reason. There are motivations behind their product or service, there’s a great idea, a personal experience, a sudden realisation at 3am.

Accountants and Bookkeepers are no different. There will be disciplines that you enjoy the most, businesses that you want to work with, individuals that you want to support and inspire.

Question. How can Kulea translate the time saving, proactive service opportunities and the ability to unlock greater value, to you, the trusted Advisor, so that you can grow your book of business, with the types of clients that you want?



This 7-minute demonstration…


Disclaimer* I’m not a technical resource at Kulea, and I built everything you’ll see in this demonstration, in a morning.
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